Affordable Personal Training

Affordable Personal Training - Why is my program the right choice for you?

A word from Jason Kozma

best personal trainerIf you are a fan, you'll know that anything I put my name on is top-notch.  In our workouts, we combine real weightlifting exercises for body shaping corrective effect and the workout structure is designed to produce visible shaping and fat reducing effects as quickly as possible.  In addition, muscular and postural imbalances are addressed, reducing or eliminating any pains, discomforts and performance inhibiting factors. Most other trainers and group (whether large or small) programs just "do stuff" (my term) for the session.  Trust me when I say that specific and logically thought out exercise at the optimal level of intensity is essential to create a great body, but not just any form of exercise will do it.

Our training is NOT like other exercise formats.  We are not throwing olympic bars around, jumping on or off boxes, doing hundreds of burpees and other nonsense.  We will do smart weight training.  The focus is on proper form and intelligently designed workout structure.  You won't get hurt training with us, only results. If you have limitations or injuries that prevent you from doing other forms of training, we are absolutely the right choice for you.

I know you are willing to work out in exchange for visible results.  Even I don't work out just to work out.  I work out for a specific purpose expecting a specific result.  I know that's probably the same for you too.

So, even if you have tried other training programs with disappointing results (I actually hope you have), Come on down and do my extremely affordable personal training program for two months.  You will see that you can indeed get the results you have worked so hard for.

partner training

Our base rates are market average and are less or equal to personal training rates available to most gyms like 24 hour, LA Fitness, Bay Club or Equinox. The difference is you'll actually get results by following my program.  Semiprivate sessions.  Custom nutritional plan included.

Team Trainer Package Rates 

Specialty Programs: Mass Builder - Rapid Fat Loss - Total Body Transformation - Superhuman Strength

$65 per session  - 4 month / 48 session package @ 3 sessions per week
$70 per session  - 3 month / 36 session package @ 3 sessions per week
$75 per session  - 2 month / 24 session package @ 3 sessions per week
$80 per session  - 6 weeks / 18 session package @ 3 sessions per week
$85 per session  - 1 month / 12 session package @ 3 sessions per week

Note - you can do more or fewer sessions per week, we just recommend 3+ per week.

In home personal training / on location:

10 sessions @$125 per session
24 sessions @ $100 per session
48 sessions @ $95 per session

All packages are prepaid.  Limited locations and availability.  Additional gym membership fee applies in most locations.   

Mandy before and after

Mandy - 129 to 111 in 8 weeks

Aaron before and after

Aaron's "Dad Bod" Transformation in 12 weeks

Check out all the before and after photos

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Client Reviews from Yelp


Kimberly yelp

Santa Monica Personal Training put me back on track! - Before I found SMPT, I worked out 6 times a week and 'thought' I was eating healthy; so when I couldn't drop the inches I wanted to, I felt discouraged. That's when I decided I needed to get an expert's help & signed up for SMPT's 8-week personal training & food program. Jason set me up with an amazing personal trainer in my area and a diet fit to my weight/height & weight loss needs. I was very impressed with the attention Jason gave me throughout the program - checking in on my diet, training & cardio on a weekly basis and making adjustments when needed to ensure ultimate weight loss. Week by week I saw my measurements decrease...In 8 weeks time I lost 11 inches! I feel so much more confident and love how toned my body looks. I can now slip into my jeans that I haven't been able to fit into in 2 years! SMPT definitely helped give me that extra push that I needed to turn my bod & diet back around.


Amanda C.


Highly recommend Jason. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. He has a great personality and makes working out enjoyable. Thank you for all your hard work.

Overall Yelp rating is 5 out of 5.0 for Santa Monica Personal Training

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