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Kevin has over 20 years of experience in fitness with extensive knowledge in multiple training techniques.  Kevin’s background includes competitive cycling, golf and golf-specific training as well as bodysculpting and strength training.

Kevin is one of Jason’s Elite High Performance Trainers, having schooled intensively with Jason for years.

Kevin Murphy is available for both in gym training in West Hollywood as well as in home personal training in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Hills, Trousdale Estates,  Crescent Park, Oakwood, Park Labrea, Hancock Park and adjacent areas.

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My starting bodyfat % was 13.8. I was almost 190#s. Now I’m 168#s and bf% is 6.5. My abs look great!

My abs look great!
Ben Jones

“Kevin is fantastic! His excellent guidance helped me regain what was lost from a long hiatus from work outs. Kevin showed me the perfect way to use the weight machines to work smarter not harder. He created for me a regimen that was both rigorous and had steps that were achievable. I really liked that Kevin took the time to tailor the work outs for me, keeping in mind the way my body reacted. It was always a pleasure to meet up knowing he would guide me and push me more than I wanted, but just enough. For my health and the look of my body, I am thrilled with the results! Thanks again Kevin!!”

Tom Sylvester

“Kevin is an expert in incorporating weight training, cardio, proper diet, and lifestyle changes to maximize your training efforts and achieve your goals. He emphasizes proper technique and form to ensure safe and effective workouts. He is a great motivator and his non-judgmental approach keeps workouts fresh.”

Mike C.

“Kevin is a very thorough instructor who’s just as concerned with proper technique as he is number of reps. Not only is he a great trainer, but he’s an all-around great guy.”

Thomas Carmichael

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If you're serious about getting fit, Jason is the only way to go. He helped me get in the best shape of my life a few years ago with his proven exercise and diet plan. Now I'm training with him through me pregnancy to keep healthy and he is adjusting my workout for every step of the way.



Entering the Jason Kozma workout program, I thought I had a vast knowledge of weight training and nutrition. Through Jason, I discovered a whole new world of exercise and diet that I never knew existed. I learned correct form in lifting, proper diet and which supplements were appropriate for me.

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