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All fired up to get started with one of our personal training packages?  Signing up for personal training usually requires a face to face meeting with me, Mr. America Jason Kozma. But if you want to expedite the process, I've created this down payment option.  This puts you at the FRONT of the line, ahead of everyone else.

The button below will ring you up for an earnest deposit of $600 on one of our training packages.  We will apply this to your complete training package which you choose at our meeting.

Once you purchase the down payment, I will personally contact you ASAP for a face to face meeting with me, Mr. America Jason Kozma, to complete the signup process.

For those of you who want in home personal training, a phone conversation can be done in lieu of the in person meeting. The down payment can be applied to in home packages as well.


 $600 Down payment

Don't worry, it's risk-free.  If we can't work things out for you (scheduling) I'll refund the down payment.

If you'd like to sign up online and ahead of time for a larger package we can do that too. Just email me and I can email or text you all the packages, trainer and location options.

Call or text (424) 235-0284 for more details

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