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If you’re looking for results, Jason is your man for personal training. He is is tough, but compassionate and devoted. He will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your own personal goals and encourage you to perform better than you thought possible. I hired Jason before my 40th b-day, and I lost 17 lbs. in 2.5 months, and I regained the tone I had from my 20’s. Jason motivated me during those times I wanted to cancel a session, and I am so glad he did! I would definitely recommend hiring Jason, and I would hire him again!

I lost 17 lbs. in 2.5 months
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If you want the best of the best when it comes to hitting your weight loss goals – you absolutely have to work with Jason!

Laurie S
He really helped me change my life!

Jason’s advice and especially his diet plan were great and helped me lose over 40 lbs. He referred me to a fantastic trainer on his team and the results have been amazing. He really helped me change my life!

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Jason was a wonderful connection in my life who helped me get back in shape after my children and car accident. I was able to lose 20 pounds using his high performance system and at several points been able to get back into the shape of my life by just checking my old logs and touching bases with him. When ever I gain 10 pounds I just refer back to his system and if I follow the plan….the weight comes right off. Thank you for all the help over the years. your program has been priceless!

Your program has been priceless!
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Jason is without a doubt the best trainer I have worked with – he’s motivating, has a sense of humor, but most importantly he produces results. I experienced my highest levels of fitness when I was stationed in Los Angeles and could workout with him on a regular basis. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and appearance. If only I could return to a job in LA – I’d work with him again in a heartbeat!

I'd work with him again in a heartbeat!
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Jason is a high profile trainer but that never stops him from answering emails and returning phone calls. He is an expert on the human body and if you’re willing to listen to him, together he can get you to where you want to be.

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I worked out with one of Jason’s trainers for over two years and interacted with him and took his advice multiple times a week during that period. I would seriously recommend that anyone looking for an awesome personal trainer have a chat with him. Not only does he know his business, but he is just an all around cool guy. It is evident from the shape he keeps himself in that he really knows his way around nutrition, fitness, and the gym – but despite all this he is super friendly and accessible to anyone at whatever stage of their fitness journey. He won’t let you get away with any excuses though…he is there to seriously kick your butt into shape, and you won’t regret it.

He won't let you get away with any excuses...


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