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Deb"I never thought the day would come when I would need a trainer not only to get me back in to the gym but also to enjoy working out again - I had all but given up. After a year long hiatus from any type of exercise, not only has Jason put me back on track but he has pushed me beyond what I thought my capabilities were at the time. Jason listens and then delivers without delay! I wanted "no nonsense" and believe me, that's what I got! He is an amazing trainer, motivator and friend who has helped me more than words can describe. Jason will be the only trainer I ever have - Thanks Jason!"




I Train with Jason because he is, hands down, the best trainer I've ever worked with, and I've trained with plenty. Jason is the bomb!

Amber - neuromuscular massage therapist, personal trainer





So far on my progress: I've lost at least 10 pounds in the last two weeks working with Brandon and following the diet plan to the best of my ability. I stepped on the scale and was like holy s**t!Thanks again man! Mac



Jason is the missing link. No, I don't mean the human evolutionary one, but the best and only connection that I know of between the world of professional bodybuilding (where athletes dramatically improve their shapes) and the world of every-day training. For over a decade, I have either worked out with Jason, watched him train other clients, or watched him do his own workouts. By taking the proven techniques from the sport of bodybuilding and tailoring them to the everyday goals of his clients, Jason gets fantastic results with noticeably predictable regularity. I came to Jason at an age and a point in my career where I was not so optimistic about ever looking great again. And then, a couple of years later, people started saying to me: "Dude, you are ripped." Trust me, it was a lot of fun hearing that. Thanks for your help, JK—it was essential. John M.













Holly Lamar

Pip (Phillipa)




Mike Downey





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