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Marshall Faulk

Whether you are a professional looking for specialized training in Santa Monica, a college or high school athlete looking for strength training beyond your team workouts, or a recreational athlete of any age and ability, Santa Monica Personal Training can offer you top-level sports performance training! Sports performance training includes sport-specific conditioning, improved body composition, injury prevention, power and agility workouts, dietary guidance, and much more.

Every sport has specific conditioning, nutrition, and performance needs, and Jason Kozma and his team of trainers are expertly qualified to help you reach your goals.  Athletes in all sports -- from softball to swimming, football to fencing, basketball to boxing -- are welcome at Santa Monica Personal Training for personal or group workouts. Local athletes from area high schools and colleges, including UCLA and USC, train regularly at SMPT to enhance their performance and increase their competitive edge.

Hideo Nomo

Past clients include professional athletes like Hideo Nomo of the LA Dodgers (Major League Baseball), Marshall Faulk of the St Louis Rams (National Football League), and Lovianne Jung of USA Softball. Athletes of all levels have entrusted Jason with their pre-season conditioning and for assistance rehabilitating athletic injuries.  Injury prevention and rehabilitation is an important part of any athlete's training regimen, and SMPT has the sports specific training knowledge to help athletes rehabilitate previous injuries and prevent injuries by increasing flexibility, pliability and muscle strength.

Contact us for sport-specific training and nutrition consultation rates.  SMPT offers a variety of programs and several locations throughout Los Angeles to provide you the very best professional sport-specific training!

Hideo Nomo training

Hideo Nomo trained with Jason for just 3 weeks prior to the Boston Red Sox's 2001 season.
"Hideo came to me with several injuries which had negatively impacted his pitching ability. I trained him for 3 weeks strengthening and rehabilitating his injuries.
Hideo's strength, power and athleticism increased threefold. Hideo went on to have his best season many years, including pitching a no-hitter against the Baltimore Orioles.
He was able to secure a trade to the LA Dodgers for the next year with a significantly more lucrative contract."

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