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You see it every year: the ever growing chunk of your corporate budget that goes to providing health insurance and medical payments for your employees. You juggle the profits as much as you can but can’t prevent the rising healthcare costs. In the meantime, more of your workers seem to be calling in sick and filing claims. Maybe you should emphasize prevention rather than a cure. A corporate fitness program can make your employees healthier. Consider the advantages of a fitter workforce. Absenteeism goes down because workers suffer less from the ills that prevent them from working, such as lower back pain, diabetes, or joint problems. For example, over two years, the DuPont Corporation found that its Employee Health Promotion Program reduced disability days among its blue-collar workers by 14 percent for a total of 11,726 fewer disability days.

Your healthcare costs go down because healthier employees file fewer insurance claims. For instance, those who participated in Pacific Bell’s FitWork program claimed $300 less in expenses to produce a one-year savings of $700,000.

Finally, productivity goes up for the simple reason that your employees are at your company more often and have a better attitude toward work. The Canada Life Assurance Employer experimental group showed a productivity increase of 4 percent after starting a fitness program. Almost half of the group also said they felt more alert and enjoyed their jobs better.

If you want the same benefits for your business, please contact us. We can tailor a cost-effective wellness and fitness program for your employees in your office gym.

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