Santa Monica Stairs Workout

Santa Monica Stairs Workout

santa monica stairs

Now that the Santa Monica stairs are finally back open you here's a killer whole body workout on your own or with a friend. For those of you who live on the westside of Los Angeles, you're probably already familiar with the famous Santa Monica stairs. If you don't live in the area, you may have seen photos of some of you favorite celebrities working out there in some of the popular fitness or fashion magazines.

I'll give you the workout for Santa Monica, but you can do this workout almost anywhere that has a continuous set of stairs, such as bleachers at a high school or college stadium, or even the stairwell of a tall building. This workout assumes you'll have space at the top and bottom of the stairs to do some calisthenics and jogging. You can easily use a jump rope or jog in place to replace the running section.

Depending upon the number of stairs you may find yourself out of breath at some point as you ascend. It's ok to start out slow and work your way up to a faster pace. It may take weeks for you to be able to climb the 160 stairs altogether without a break. And when you do climb them all, feel free to do a "Rocky" victory dance at the top. You've earned it.

What you'll need:

  • water bottle,
  • elastic exercise band with handles,
  • jump rope if you're doing this in a stairwell.

Stairs Workout:

santa monica wooden stairs

1.  Climb up the wooden stairs at 7th Street and Entrada – it's a total of 160 steps.

2. Walk, jog or run to the grassy area on 4th Street (or jump rope for 5 minutes)

3. Find a flat, dry spot and do a one minute plank with arms extended so as not to get dirt on your elbows.

4. Do one set up pushups, try to achieve 10-20 in the set. If that's not possible, do a set with knees bent and shins resting on the ground.

5. Descend the concrete stairs at 4th Street and Ocean – it's a total of 188 steps.

6. Take 5 minutes to stretch your hamstrings, quadriceps and calves at the bottom of the stairs, making sure you don't block access to the stairs for anyone else.
7. Walk, jog or run back up Entrada to the base of the wooden stairs.

8. Jump up on pull-up bar and do as many as possible pull ups (if you can reach). Or use an elastic exercise band to do band rows with your upper body.

Repeat steps 1 through 8.

After 3 sets of push-ups and pull ups replace those with elastic band curl, side-lateral raise and triceps extensions, wrapping the band around one of the stair rails. Continue with the extended arm planks for 1 minute at the top of the stairs.

Your goal: at least 6 sets of stairway ascension, 6 planks, and the upper body work with pull-ups. Keep your elastic band and jump rope (if needed) wrapped around your waist or just carry them when not using it. You may want to carry your water bottle with you as well, unless there's a safe place to stash it at the top of the stairs.

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