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Santa Monica Gym

I have a question for you; are you looking for a Santa Monica gym or health club in Santa Monica, or are you looking for weight loss and fitness results like these:?

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Santa Monica Gym

Headquarters of Mr. America Jason Kozma and Santa Monica Personal Training

burn fitness

Easton Gym Santa Monica - Now Burn Fitness

1233 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica CA 90401


Burn Fitness Santa Monica has all the amenities you need in a great health club:

free weights, hammer strength, life fitness and precor equipment
free workout towels
2 hours free parking
spinning, yoga, abs and more classes
plus it has what no other gym has; Mr. America Jason Kozma!

Mr. America Jason Kozma

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(310) 772-5105

About Easton Gym:

The Easton Gym are recognized as leaders in the fitness industry and are constantly rated as “BEST GYMS” in the competitive Southern California area.

Easton Gym Santa Monica is located on the Third Street Promenade.  The gym is on the second floor with sliding glass doors that open completely allowing light, fresh air, and a view of the Promenade.

Easton Gym has operated in Hollywood since 1938 and Santa Monica since 1993.  It is the longest running fitness gym company on the west coast.  Opened by Harvey Easton in 1938, the gym boasted of revolutionary weight lifting equipment designed by Harvey Easton and his friend Jack La Lane.  Much of the original designs form the basis of today’s fitness machines.

Easton Gym soon became the training center for actors and nearby studios.  Harvey Easton was the original celebrity trainer with clients that included Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum and many others. Easton Gym continues to serve not only the community but also the entertainment industry.  Innumerable actors and industry persons of note are now or have been Easton Gym members

Harvey Easton was a true pioneer in the fitness industry who brought health and fitness to many.  Stricken with cancer at a young age, he died in 1962, but his legacy the Easton Gym lives on.

In 1976, Richard Grossi, 20, became a member of the Easton Gym.  Richard became serious about fitness, often suggesting ideas for improving the gym.  Byron Russell, who ran the Gym after Harvey passed away sold Richard the gym in April of 1980.

Richard immediately began improving and expanding the gym.  He created a clean comfortable and well-maintained atmosphere, with the best and newest equipment, and personal friendly service.

The comfortable ambiance, great equipment and fitness programs are why our members love the EASTON GYMS.


 Services available

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nutritional / fitness consultation (in-gym)

nutritional / fitness consultation (in-home)

in-home training

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