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Anna lost 55 lbs!

If you’ve made the decision to lose weight, you already know it can be tough to do it alone. Our weight loss program is proven to work , and here’s what you can expect whenever you partner with former Mr. America Jason Kozma and his exceptional team of weight loss personal trainers.

  • Knowledgeable and experienced trainers who are well versed at working with clients of all age groups and fitness levels. This will allow you to obtain a program that is tailored to your unique needs in order to provide you with amazing results.
  • Effective training routines that target specific muscle groups in order to reshape your body, and firm and tone muscles.
  • Variable exercise programs that add interest to your workout routine
  • Sound nutritional advice to help you learn good eating habits, as weight loss is easier to achieve when you use the right combination of diet and exercise.
  • Encouragement in reaching your goals rather than being judged for being overweight or out of shape
  • Monitoring and consultation to ensure you are on track. This will not only help keep you motivated, but will allow our trainers to work with you to modify your program as your body's needs change.

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Jason Kozma

Lose body fat while you shed unwanted pounds, and you will feel more confident than you ever have before. Both male and female trainers are available, so you can pick a coach you are comfortable with to help you in your quest to slim down and get in great shape. After engaging in one of our weight loss programs, clients report they have more energy and feel younger also.  Achieve these results for yourself by contacting us in order to get started.

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CJD lost 88 lbs

CJD lost 88 lbs!

Barry's 65 lb weight loss

Barry lost 65 lbs!

annemarie's 24 lb weight loss

Annemarie's 24 lb weight loss

Atty weight loss before and after

Atty lost 24 lbs

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Nick lost 30lbs in 9 weeks!

heather lake before and after

Heather lost 25lbs


Jessica lost 20 inches and 25 pounds in 3 months at age 45




Melanie went from sedentary to Competitive marathoner 3rd place, Great Race of Agoura Deena Kastor 5K 4th place Carpe Diem Santa Monica Classic 5K

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Now is the Time to Remove Junk Food from Your Life

If you have any plans for losing weight then it’s time to face the facts. You need to stop everything you’re doing and head to the kitchen now. Look at the foods you have stocked and ready to eat, most of it is junk. Crackers, chips, ice cream, candy, and any other processed foods should not be consumed at all if you hope to lead a healthy life. All sodas and artificial juices need to be tossed away as well.

The fact of the matter is that every single junk food product you eat will transform into fat. There is absolutely no nutrition in these types of foods whatsoever. If you take a bite of any processed foods, then you will gain weight and become fat in no time.

Below are five excuses people often use to buy junk food and why these excuses are not good reasons to give in to unhealthy eating.

Excuse #1: “Why does it matter? You live only once, so you might as well enjoy what you eat.”

Yes, you do only live your life once. Since you have one life to live, you should make it an experience you will not regret. With a healthy and attractive body, you’ll live a longer life than most as well as feel better than those with aches and pains from not exercising. You will lead a happier life without all of that fattening junk food.

Excuse #2: “Since it was bought for me, I might as well eat it.”

Of course, you may find it rude to throw out food given to you by someone you know. Imagine if I offered you bags of food that you dislike.. Would you eat it or throw it away with disgust? Since you don’t like it, you’ll either throw it away or give it to someone else. You should do the same with that junk. Although it may taste good, it is unhealthy and will cause you to gain weight.

Excuse #3:“I purchased it for my kids.”

The junk food may have been originally purchased for the kids, but since it is there you may as well have a bite or two.. Wait, there is a problem here. The fact that you even bought this type of food for your kids is a no no. A healthy diet should be a family goal and not just for yourself.

Excuse #4: “If it is only a little, then it won’t affect me too much.”

Starting with a small amount of junk food typically causes a domino effect that will result in constant purchases of these small amounts. Eventually you’ll start eating them in small portions as well, except that doing this will eventually turn into habit where you’ll add more and more each time.

Excuse #5: “I can’t go a day without it.”

Junk food can develop into an unfortunate habit. Although it may be your favorite and you cannot even imagine a day without your junk food of choice, it is a sacrifice you must make in order to achieve a healthy and fit body. Once you’ve broken the habit you’ll forget about it for good.

Grab a large trash bag and place every processed product into it right now. This is the first step to a thinner, healthier you. You’ll feel great with all of that junk off of your mind and away from your body. Keep in mind that junk food will try to sneak up on you and reenter your life. You have to be strict with your unhealthy food policy in order to succeed.

Besides avoiding junk food and eating healthy, a fitness routine is also needed in order to lose weight and look attractive. A personal trainer is a tiny investment compared to the great life you’ll lead once you have that body you desire. Not only will your appearance improve, but your mind will too.

Give us a call or send an email to get started on a weight loss program created just for you.  Meet us in Santa Monica and we’ll create a fitness and nutritional plan based on your body type and needs. All you need to do is be persistent with your efforts and show up for every single appointment.


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