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Our team trainers also work in gyms or your home anywhere on the Westside. Just inquire for availability.

Meet Mr. America Jason Kozma

Jason Kozma has won 1st place at the Mr. America, Mr. Muscle Beach, Southern States Bodybuilding Championships and other bodybuilding championships.  As a trainer with experience, Jason and his incredible team can help you break through any barriers that may arise in your fitness journey.

Marina del Rey private trainer

Jason moved to Los Angeles in 1995 after graduating college with the express intent of becoming a full – time personal trainer. Jason never wanted to do anything else, and he continues in this level of commitment to his craft to this day. Jason established Santa Monica Personal Training in 1997. Believe it or not, Jason was the second personal trainer to create a website on the then – new internet.

Being a competitive bodybuilder, Jason was (and still is) an expert at fat loss, body shaping with weights and nutritional supplements. He knew that these techniques didn’t have to be limited to the world of competitive bodybuilding and regular people would benefit greatly from them. Jason’s program brought these concepts to the general public in a way that “regular” people could understand and apply to their everyday lives.

Jason also invented the concept and term “online personal training“. His first version of this was done by mail order or fax, checks and printed training and nutritional programs. This was well before online payment systems. Once those came online, the ordering and signup process was much more efficient.


He also continues growing his business by specializing in programs for businesses, teens, and moms. Additionally, he encourages variety by adding modalities such as boxing and yoga. He is not just a personal trainer. He is a body transformation artist and wellness and health guru.

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Santa Monica private in home trainer Deena

For more than 15 years, Deena has been helping clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Clients in Santa Monica can enjoy personalized workouts at the gym, in their home, or in the beautiful outdoors. Deena is a qualified expert in many training modalities, including:

TRX mat Pilates core training cardiovascular activities stability ball yoga resistance training

Throughout her career, Deena has worked with clients of many ages and in many stages of life. Two particular groups she enjoys working with are pregnant women and new mothers, so if that is you, call today! Deena easily connects with all clients, establishing a good rapport as keeps workouts interesting and fun. You will laugh a lot with Deena!

When creating a personalized program, Deena listens to clients and addresses their unique health needs. Flexibility, nutrition, and mental health and wellness are all included in her training techniques. To help combat stress, breathing, stretching, and relaxation are all used to encourage peace of mind while you also train your body.

To schedule a consultation with Deena and see if she is the right trainer for you, contact us today!  Your new body is waiting!



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Turkish Get Up

Brandon performing a perfect Turkish Get Up with a 100 lb dumbbell


mma personal trainer

Brandon’s MMA client Jesse

Enter any gym in America and chances are you’ll see two things going on—cardio and weight-training. Gyms across the country have maximized their cardio floor space adding more spin bikes, recumbent bikes, treadmills, rowers, stair steppers and elliptical trainers. They’ve expanded their cardio class schedules and added more strength training equipment like kettle bells, medicine balls, barbells and other crossfit-oriented tools.

And clients seem to love it.

For many gym-goers, the three signs of a successful workout are sweat, exhaustion and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). They feel they’ve given their all and are one workout closer to achieving their goals. But they may be missing out on a key component to a balanced fitness program—flexibility.

Santa Monica Team Trainer Brandon, certified Z Health Coach and certified personal trainer, says: “Flexibility is vital to your health and can help you achieve all of your fitness goals whether it’s losing weight, losing body fat, gaining muscle mass or increasing your quality of life”. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of proper flexibility training:


Relief of muscle tension and tightness. Just like a good full-bodied stretch after sitting for hours feels good, so does stretching muscles that have been working hard. You’ll not only feel better physically but the blood flow to those areas will increase allowing them to recover faster.

Improved range of motion. We lose our flexibility as we age which increases our risk for falls and injuries. Even chronically tight muscles and tendons can be improved by incorporating a regular stretching routine. With increased range of motion you’ll find even your regular daily tasks easier to perform.

Better posture and balance. Proper stretching may help align soft tissue structures which, in turn, help improve posture. Better posture and better range of motion means better balance.

Working with a skilled personal trainer, like Brandon, who understands that flexibility is an indispensable part of any training program will improve all aspects of your life.

Contact us today to find out how Santa Monica Personal Training can take your fitness to the next level.

In home personal training Marina del Rey

There are many reasons that people commonly lose sight of their health and fitness goals, but one of them is that after a while, it gets hard to go to the gym.

Perhaps your morning schedule is too tight to allow getting to the gym but you really prefer to get your workout done early in the day.

Maybe you’ve gone through the trouble and expense to set up your home gym and you don’t want the room to go unused.

After you have worked a long day, it can be difficult to get home, turn around and drive to a fitness center. It is easy to think, ‘I’ll just relax today and skip the trip to the gym,’ and before you know it, one ‘off day’ has turned into two weeks with nary a visit to the gym.

That’s why the trainers who are part of Jason Kozma’s team offer the option of coming to your home.

Kozma’s team understands that life does not always cooperate with your good intentions regarding your fitness plans. If you are committed to improving your health and physique in spite of that, though, then they are, too.

Kozma’s team offers the in home personal training option because Jason believes in supporting and encouraging your commitment to health and fitness.  Many places offer personal training services, but Jason Kozma’s team stands apart thanks to its true and genuine desire to support your positive decision to better your health, appearance and wellbeing.

If you are serious about your fitness goals, we offer a free in home trial session to get you started and to convince you that we are your best choice in choosing a personal trainer.  Navigate the site to learn more about our personal trainers’ credentials and success stories.  Look at our client before and after photos and testimonials to see why we are the best personal trainers in Los Angeles.

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