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As a personal trainer based in West Hollywood since 2004, I have had the opportunity to work with clients of various ages, body types, and fitness experience.  I have been an avid exerciser and competitive athlete most of my adult life. My training philosophy is based on my primary focus to cultivate and encourage a level of athleticism in each client, particularly those with little or no sports or gym history.  No matter what the starting fitness level, however, significant time is devoted to crafting a customized training program for each individual - taking into consideration the client’s specific physical characteristics and ability in order to achieve superlative performance results.

I emphasize basic weight training principles as a way to increase one’s comfort level in the gym and build confidence.  This provides a strong foundation and familiarity with weight lifting fundamentals and is key to understanding and utilizing the mind/body connection leading to true fitness.  One-on-one direction is where motivation and initiative are cultivated and applied so that time in the gym is maximized, resulting in an intense and rewarding workout.  Stretching, warm-up, and correct form for each exercise, no matter what weight used, are stressed from the first session in order to establish safe and effective gym skills.  Consistent, challenging sessions in the gym reward clients with impressive tangible results, whether the goal be weight loss, increased muscle mass, athletic coordination, enhanced strength and endurance, or any combination of the above.  Additionally, diet and nutrition, cardio, and rest patterns are approached, developed, and documented.

A critical component in the fitness equation, knowledge of proper nutrition and food preparation, will be imparted.  This close and constant dialogue between client and trainer ensures a regiment that not only achieves but surpasses the client’s performance level in his or her pursuit of an ideal physique and peak state of health.  Further, I strongly encourage clients to apply skills developed in the gym to sports activities like golf, cycling, tennis, etc, as the confidence, strength, and coordination gained on the gym floor translates very naturally to other athletic pursuits. I firmly believe that incorporating a gym-trained routine into one’s lifestyle only enhances his or her personal well-being as physical and mental maintenance becomes more and more critical as one moves through time and space.  In other words, it’s essential.


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West Hollywood personal trainer Kevin's Testimonials

personal trainer before and after Ben Jones

My starting bodyfat % was 13.8. I was almost 190#s. Now I’m 168#s and bf% is 6.5. My abs look great!
Kevin is the best personal trainer I've ever worked with!
Ben Jones, West Hollywood

“Kevin is fantastic! His excellent guidance helped me regain what was lost from a long hiatus from work outs. Kevin showed me the perfect way to use the weight machines to work smarter not harder. He created for me a regimen that was both rigorous and had steps that were achievable. I really liked that Kevin took the time to tailor the work outs for me, keeping in mind the way my body reacted. It was always a pleasure to meet up knowing he would guide me and push me more than I wanted, but just enough. For my health and the look of my body, I am thrilled with the results!
Thanks again Kevin!!”
Tom Sylvester, West Hollywood

“Kevin is an expert in incorporating weight training, cardio, proper diet, and lifestyle changes to maximize your training efforts and achieve your goals. He emphasizes proper technique and form to ensure safe and effective workouts. He is a great motivator and his non-judgmental approach keeps workouts fresh.”
Mike C., West Hollywood

“Kevin is a very thorough instructor who’s just as concerned with proper technique as he is number of reps. Not only is he a great trainer, but he’s an all-around great guy.”
Thomas Carmichael, West Hollywood

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