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Want to find the best personal trainers in Los Angeles? Jason’s personal training team is a top-level squad of the top personal trainers in Los Angeles. Team members have diverse athletic and fitness backgrounds as well as having been coached by Jason in his High Performance Training Methodology. These personal trainers have far more experience and knowledge than trainers you will find working for large gym chains. Each has a proven track record of success in transforming clients bodies. Go to the Before and After Pictures and Client Testimonials sections for examples.

Jason only selects the best of the best for inclusion into his team. Our personal trainers are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable, they are also professional, dependable and reliable. Our Los Angeles Personal Trainers are based in different areas of the city listed below. Many are also available for in home or on location personal training in their areas. Feel free to contact us to see if we have availability in your area.

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Top Personal Trainers in Los Angeles


The High Performance Team

* Denotes Team Captain

** Denotes Team Leader

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Los Angeles Best Personal Trainers


Personal Trainer Santa Monica: Jason**, Stephen, Deena, Alister, Alisa

Personal Trainer Venice – Sherlyn, David

Personal Trainer Brentwood – Jason**, Alisa, Alister, Jerry

Personal Trainer Pacific Palisades – Jason**, Kim, Chris, Deena

Personal Trainer Malibu – Stephen, Alisa, Chris

Personal Trainer West Los Angeles – Jason**, Alister, Alisa, Suavi

Personal Trainer Beverly Hills – Dennis, Tasha

Personal Trainer West Hollywood – Kevin, Dennis, Tasha

Personal Trainer HollywoodMatt, Luca

Personal Trainer Marina del Rey – Annalisa, Nicholas, Suavi

Personal Trainer South Bay – Deena, Nicholas, David

Personal Trainer Pasadena – Arun, Sharon

Personal Trainer San Fernando Valley – Larry*, Brittney

Personal Trainer North Hollywood – Debby, Judit

Personal Trainer Woodland Hills – Debby

Personal Trainer Glendora – David L

Personal Trainer West Hills – Carter Fitness

Private Yoga Santa Monica – Kim, Angela

Post Partum Weight Loss – Deena, Jason**

Online Personal Trainer – Jason**


by Elina Fuhrman

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fitness expert Jason Kozma

If you are like most people, just showing up at the gym every day and doing 30 minutes on a treadmill will not get you in great shape. Look around next time you are at your gym. What do you see? People with the best bodies are working with their trainers; the others just watch TVs while pedaling on their bikes!

“Oh, I don’t need a trainer,” you say, “That’s a luxury! I can’t afford that!”

“What people don’t realize is that it ends up costing them a lot more in the long run,” says Los Angeles-based personal trainer Jason Kozma, a body sculpting expert who has transformed the figures of athletes and celebrities. “Having a trainer will do more than just transform your body; it will transform your life.”

But Kozma cautions that finding the right match is not so easy. “You are looking for a partner who will inspire you, motivate you, energize you,” says Kozma. “But you also want someone who will be honest with you and will monitor your successes and failures at all times.” Kozma has developed a checklist to help his clients understand what to look for in a trainer, and what questions to ask when interviewing potential candidates.

Research a trainer you like or heard about. “It’s the key to a healthy relationship. You won’t go out with someone you know nothing about,” notes Kozma. “You can’t go with the first trainer that looks good.”

Match your goals. “Make sure you and your trainer have the same fitness goals, but you’ll also want someone who will challenge and push you, too,” says Kozma.

Monitor your progress. “Make sure the trainer you interview takes a ‘before’ photo of you that shows your problem areas,” says Kozma. “This is a sign that the trainer is confident he or she will be able to transform your body by working with you and take you where you want to be.”

Get feedback. “The trainer should listen to you and know where you want to be. But it is up to you to listen to your trainer and stick to the program he or she designed for you,” points out Kozma.

Eat right! No amount of training can get you where you want to be if you don’t change your eating habits. Kozma says a good trainer will design a custom diet for you and will expect you to record every morsel you put in your mouth.

Get ready for your “after” photo. Kozma says he expects dramatic results from his clients within six to eight weeks, but it is up to them to follow Kozma’s strict regimen.

So, where do you find an excellent trainer? The internet is certainly a tool that can help you locate a personal trainer in your area. A lot of personal trainers work independently from gyms and only advertise on the web. Besides, you can also find client comments on sites like citysearch and yelp. Jason Kozma proudly displays the comments of his happy clients on this website, along with “before” and “after” photos. Jason’s High Performance Training Team are the top personal trainers in Los Angeles.

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