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Are you looking for the best personal trainers in the South Bay?  Training with our High Performance Personal Trainers will kick start your fitness goals and help you get into your ideal shape.  Whether you’re looking to lose excess body fat, tone up your trouble spots, boost your fitness, build muscle or just fit into your skinny clothes, our trainers have the knowledge, skills and motivation to get you into the best shape of your life. 

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There’s something about the beach lifestyle that leaves you wanting to bare your arms and legs to soak up as much sun (without getting a sunburn) as you can.  When you strip down to your shorts, tank tops, swimsuits or whatever you like to wear at the beach, I’ll bet you’d like to feel confident in how your body looks, not trying to hide as much of it as possible.  We have a lot of clients looking to get into their best shape for the long days at the beach, or out on the water.  Sun, sand, water and fitness all seem to go hand in hand.  Looking to play some beach volleyball or practice stand-up paddle-boarding?  Maybe a sunrise yoga class on the sand?  Our trainers will work with you to create a personalized nutrition plan and custom workout to help lose fat and build lean muscle so you can have the confidence to wear your skimpiest swimwear or whatever else you choose to dress in for the beach. 

Losing the body fat is only one part of getting into shape.  Getting in shape goes hand and hand with working out and eating the right foods to fuel your days.  Maintaining your goal weight and fitness levels can be a whole other thing, however.  Many fad diets can help you (briefly) lose the water weight and get you back into your skinny clothes for a short time.  Our programs are designed for rapid fat loss and gaining muscle tone, but we take it one step further to help you attain long-lasting results. 

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Personal Trainer South BayGood news true believers!  After over 20 years being exclusively available in Santa Monica, Mr. America Jason Kozma is currently accepting a limited number of clients in the South Bay!

Jason is accepting applications for clients to train at limited times and days.  So if you want to train the best and you need to stay in the Southbay, here is your chance -  Just call or send an email to get started!  

Jason will be training clients in home gyms or at Built Gym in Manhattan Beach.

Click here to read all about Mr. America Jason Kozma

South Bay Personal Trainers

Meet Deena

South Bay in home personal trainer Deena

With more than 20 years of professional personal training experience, Deena has the expertise you are looking for!  Deena uses workout methods including core training, bodyweight training, stability ball, mat Pilates, yoga postures, TRX and cardiovascular activities. This broad history will benefit you as Deena creates a workout program specifically tailored to your health and fitness goals.

Over the years, Deena has worked with clients of all ages and stages, including men and women at all levels of fitness, pregnant women, and seniors. She available for training sessions both at the local gym and in-home or outdoors, knowing how important flexibility and variety are in maintaining a fitness regimen. Deena is also uniquely experienced to train women, whatever their current stage of life.

Deena will listen to you and create a workout program to best suit you, whether you are rehabilitating an injury, adjusting to new motherhood, or wanting to improve your body composition. Nutrition education and planning is available to anyone interested in improving their daily nutrition intake. In addition to addressing physical concerns, Deena will also address your mental health and wellness. A combination of techniques, including breathing, stretching, and relaxation, will help bring you peace of mind and remove some of the stress from your life. Deena also trains clients in Santa Monica.

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“Deena has made such a difference in my life and my health. She has been instrumental in improving my appearance, stamina and confidence. She is very knowledgeable and careful to choose routines and strategies which prevent me from being injured during my workout with her. She has passed her knowledge on to me so that I can benefit when I work out on my own. Deena is very personable and makes my workouts fun, not work!”

James Bailey

I’ve been training with Deena for a little over a year. She is creative, motivating and just plain awesome. She changes the workouts up often. She’s made my body stronger and really focuses on those “problem areas”. She’s encouraging but tough and as excited by my successes as I am. I should also mention that she’s become a great friend…  A great friend who kicks my butt three times a week.


It is with with great enthusiasm and pleasure that I recommend Deena as a trainer. My teenage daughter and I train with her once or twice a week. We have been working with her for several years. Deena comfortably crosses the generation line for keep it fast paced and lively for my daughter and a bit slower for me.

She is very knowledgeable about fitness and always focused on our workout goals. We come away feeling like we have had a great workout and look forward to our next session.

Happy mom and daughter!


Deena is truly a pleasure to work with as a trainer.  She is extremely professional, timely and committed to meeting the needs of her clients.  I came to her several months pregnant, which would usually be challenging for a new client/trainer relationship, and she has been excellent.  She is able to focus on the areas that I care about most, is sensitive to my needs and has an encouraging manner.  She is very good at pushing you to your best level, while careful not to overdue what one’s capacity might be.  She is also very accommodating schedule-wise.  On top of it all, she is wonderful with my young 17 month old daughter, who she plays with while we train, so Mommy can stay in shape!  I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a committed trainer.



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