South Bay Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer South Bay

Personal Trainer South Bay

Good news true believers!  After over 20 years being exclusively available in Santa Monica, Mr. America Jason Kozma is currently accepting a limited number of clients in the South Bay!

Jason is accepting applications for clients to train on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at 1pm.  That's a limited amount of space, so if you want to train the best and you need to stay in the Southbay, here is your chance!  Just call or send an email to get started!  

Jason will be training clients at Easton Gym in Manhattan Beach.

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South Bay Fitness Training

Meet Deena

South Bay in home personal trainer Deena

With more than 20 years of professional personal training experience, Deena has the expertise you are looking for!  Deena uses workout methods including core training, bodyweight training, stability ball, mat Pilates, yoga postures, TRX and cardiovascular activities. This broad history will benefit you as Deena creates a workout program specifically tailored to your health and fitness goals.

Over the years, Deena has worked with clients of all ages and stages, including men and women at all levels of fitness, pregnant women, and seniors. She available for training sessions both at the local gym and in-home or outdoors, knowing how important flexibility and variety are in maintaining a fitness regimen. Deena is also uniquely experienced to train women, whatever their current stage of life.

Deena will listen to you and create a workout program to best suit you, whether you are rehabilitating an injury, adjusting to new motherhood, or wanting to improve your body composition. Nutrition education and planning is available to anyone interested in improving their daily nutrition intake. In addition to addressing physical concerns, Deena will also address your mental health and wellness. A combination of techniques, including breathing, stretching, and relaxation, will help bring you peace of mind and remove some of the stress from your life. Deena also trains clients in Santa Monica.

To schedule training with South Bay personal trainer Deena use the
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Client Reviews from Yelp

Mattias E.


matters before and after 8 weeks

Jason Kozma as a child:
- "What do you want to be when you grow up Jason?"
- "Jason Kozma"

Seriously, Jason is a true witchmaster when it comes
to training, nutrition and making you realize what it takes to get the shit done. A genius!


Michele K.


personal trainer for women

Jason Kozma is hands down the best trainer out there. I played Division 1 volleyball in college and then became a fitness instructor myself post-college, so I've experienced several different trainers throughout my athletic and personal life, but NONE compare to Jason. His programs actually work!!! His results speak for themselves - after just 8 weeks of training with Jason, I've dropped 12 pounds and lowered by body fat from 22% to 12%!!!!!!!! Even more importantly, I feel better than ever both mentally and physically. My daily energy level is at an all-time high due to his nutrition plan and I am leaner and stronger than I've ever been. He sincerely takes the time to understand your personal goals and develops a program for you that is hand-tailored to achieve those goals. He is extremely intelligent, experienced and knowledgable in the fields of body building, body sculpting and nutrition and thus has the ability to sculpt your body into the shape you desire. He is also very professional and respectful, has never missed a session and is always on-time. While you are training with Jason, he gives you his full attention to ensure that you are using the correct form during each exercise and motivate you to put in the work to achieve your best self. I truly feel like a new person since I started training with Jason. In a nutshell - JASON IS THE BEST!

Overall Yelp rating is 5 out of 5.0 for Santa Monica Personal Training

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