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Malibu Personal Trainer

Private Training in Malibu with Mr. America Jason Kozma

Malibu Personal Trainer

In home personal training in Malibu with Mr. America Jason Kozma is an ultra-premium service.

Jason is celebrity personal trainer, master level expert at rapid body transformation and highly skilled at training clients with all sorts of limitations / injuries.

Whether your goal is simply weight loss and fitness, getting in top shape for an event or work (modeling or movie role), or just to look and feel great, Jason Kozma is your "Bentley of personal trainers."

Jason can also help you design the optimal home gym for your needs and space.

Meet our Malibu Trainer Terrance

in home personal trainer in Malibu

Terrance: in home personal trainer in Malibu

My personal journey with fitness began at an early age. Growing up in Canada, many outdoor influences, such as hiking, swimming, running, skiing, horseback riding, canoeing among others helped shape my passion for nature and functional training. Physical Education and the introduction to the weigh room in high school really honed my enthusiasm for fitness. Taking notes from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new encyclopedia of modern bodybuilding, body shaping and physical development became a new and exciting priority. At the same time, my involvement in gymnastics created the need for a more integrated approach to training. Emphasizing complete body strength, my awareness grew to realize the importance of core development, and complete kinetic chain integration. Basically recognizing the weak links in my body and strengthen them to become stronger from head to toe. My venture then took an unexpected turn when I accepted a position with a production company to be exposed to, and after several hundred performances, subsequently incorporate dance into my fitness repertoire.

In 2000, I moved to Santa Monica, and began working for the Easton Gym Co. This is where it became obvious to me that becoming a personal trainer was exactly what I wanted to do. Meeting Jason Kozma, who later became Mr. America, further inspired my interest and prompted me to pursue and achieve my personal trainer certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My experience with NASM, and concept of using the OPT model to develop a systematic progression to design programs, became the basic philosophy of my training process. Another bodybuilder who changed the direction of my approach to training was Michael Thurmond of the original Six Week Bodymakeover.  His passion for personal training, compassion for each of his clients, and ideology of mind body connection interested me to take his class. An excellent mentor, Michael required me to attend his practical hands on training program which he supervised and corrected personally.  

Finally after six months of classes, when he was confident in my training he sent me to Beverly Hills to train clients for his weight loss program.  Upon the dissolution of Michael’s business, Jason added me to his esteemed training team with Michael’s recommendation. With Jason, I am available for personal training in Malibu.

While training in my new personal training practice, I was introduced to another form of discipline, Martial Arts. The Combative Arts dojo became my new exciting involvement. Exploring Gung Fu, Self defense, Thai Kickboxing, boxe française, and Qi Gong piqued my interest to complete my apprentice assistant instructor certification, and begin teaching level one Gung Fu classes. Through this process, my comprehension of health became even more complete as I assimilated this concept of mind body and spirit.

In Home Personal Training in Malibu

Beginning with a comprehensive, and individualized kinetic chain assessment, I evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the areas of flexibility, movement, strength, posture, and athletic ability. Using NASM’s OPT model, your personalized program is designed taking your specific needs into consideration. With the advantage of my experience, we will supplement your program with cardio boxing, TRX training, resistance training, and weight lifting. My mission is to provide fun, challenging but achievable personal fitness goals along our exploration of your personal health and fitness ambitions.

Thank you, I look forward to being with you to motivate and support you every step of the way as your personal trainer.

Be Well,

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Jimmy's Testimonial

“Terrance is amazing!! Not only is he a vast repository of physical fitness knowledge he brings an amazing intuitiveness to the workout. Unlike other trainers I have worked with, Terrance has a strong grasp of the balance between full exertion and rest. There were days where Terrance would force me to slow down because he knew I was beginning to overtrain; but there were plenty of other days where he knew I was just being lazy and completely kicked my ass! Terrance has an incredible heart and he did everything he could to bring me to the next level!! Thanks T!”

Jimmy Quach



  home gym design

Contact Jason to design or optimize your home gym for your unique needs.

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