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personal trainer Beverly Hills

Personal trainer Beverly Hills: Tasha

Beverly Hills Personal Trainer

Hi there, I am Tasha and I am the most fun and inspirational personal trainer that you will meet. I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), stretch certified, and nutrition certified. I have trained celebrity clients such as film actor Robert Downey Jr., Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters, celebrity judge Cristina Perez, and Nickelodeon actress Victoria Justice.  I have taken clients from 300lb to 120lb as my client Samantha attests, "Tasha changed my life. I run around with my two kids and was empowered to start the dog walking business I always wanted. Thanks to Tasha my whole life turned from inactive to hiking every day with animals and my children."

I enjoy motivating people to train in ways they like. Whether you enjoy playing golf, have always wanted to try surfing, or prefer the stretched in yoga, I tailor the workouts to increase your skill and strength outside the gym for what you enjoy doing for fun. Looking great is just a phenomenal bi-product. I also specialize in clients with injuries. I took a 73 year old client right out of physical therapy who could barely walk straight from a motorcycle accident and increased his range of motion to 85% normal. According to Bill, “I couldn't straighten my back or bend my legs to sit down before training with Tasha. After I trained and stretched with Tasha for 3 months, my mobility was almost normal, and I was able to start riding again.”

Fitness and Weight Loss

Whether you prefer heavy weights, a dancer physique, or excelling at a sport, I have done it all. I am experienced as a group fitness trainer and dancer as well. So based on your preferences, I incorporate sports specific training (plyometrics), with weights, yoga, and mat Pilates. I am equipped to bring the workout to your home, office, or nearby park.
In addition, there is a gym I am a member of that we can go to as well. Training may be hard, I am here to challenge you and keep you accountable, however, my energetic spirit is infectious and you will have fun each our of training with me, knowing that you are getting one step closer to your goals more rapidly than ever before. What are you waiting for? Let's start tomorrow so you feel and look better this week!!!

Celebrity Personal Trainer in Beverly Hills CA

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celebrity personal trainer

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In Home Trainer in Beverly Hills, CA

Tasha provides in home personal training in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and the nearby area as well as private studio training in West Hollywood near the Beverly Center.

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