Mr. America's Online Personal Training Program is a custom designed integration of resistance training, fat-burning cardio workouts and balanced nutrition using whole foods. Using his system, you can transform your body both inside and out. Typical results include a loss of 20 pounds of bodyfat in eight weeks or less, doubling of strength, and a tripling of cardiovascular capability.

Online Personal Training

Mr. America's Online Personal Training Program is a custom designed integration of resistance training, fat-burning cardio workouts and balanced nutrition using whole foods. Using his system, you can transform your body both inside and out. Typical results include a loss of 20 pounds of bodyfat in eight weeks or less, doubling of strength, and a tripling of cardiovascular capability.





For your ultimate convenience and results, Jason is pleased to offer custom designed Online Personal Training Programs to fit your schedule and fitness goals! Featuring personalized weight training, nutrition, and supplement guidance, these online programs are designed specially for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma. All programs include weekly checkups and instruction via email, making it easy for you to maintain a regular workout routine in your busy life.

Quote from Jason himself: "I offer custom programs that are tailored to your individual and unique goals: gaining muscle, losing fat, getting ready for a wedding, reunion, or a physique contest.  As long as you are an active client I can can adjust your workout and diet just like I would for an in-person client."

Those who participate in the online personal training program will receive all program benefits other than private training sessions, due to obvious reasons. These benefits include unlimited text and email consultation, weekly checkup emails, support handbooks, access to the exercise demo website and diet-friendly recipe book.  There are upgraded options available including monthly or weekly private training and coaching sessions as well.

Read the rest of this page for more information about the online training program and to read some online client testimonials below highlighting the success you can attain when you commit to reaching your goals with Mr. America as your coach.

Real People. Real Results.

High Performance Online Personal Training Packages



Lose Fat

Rapid Fat Loss Duration


Build Muscle

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Anti Aging - Improve General Health

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(Bikini, Figure, Fitness, Physique, Bodybuilding)

Prep Duration


Consultations or Meetings with Jason *

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* 30 minute consultations are usually used for: posing practice, bodyfat checkup and diet adjustments or short training session / teaching specific exercise techniques. 60 minute consultations are usually used for: A full training session with measurements and updates, new program creation, or anything else we can fit into the hour. In home consultations can be used for home gym design plus typical consultation items.


Why Do Online Personal Training?

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Do you ever find yourself being envious of celebrities and their bodies? Sure, you could have it all too if you had the money for it; top of the line trainer, nutrition advice and guidance along with custom private training. Sounds out of your reach, right? Wrong. Nothing is out of your reach with Jason Kozma's online personal training, because everything is customized for your needs and goals. Your workout can be designed for you to use at your gym or in the privacy of your own home gym. No more doing ineffective workouts you've copied from other people at the gym or found on the internet.

Mr. America Jason Kozma himself, not an assistant, tech or intern, will be your online personal trainer.  He isn't the type of trainer you'll find at your local gym. Jason's experience and knowledge commands top dollar for in person training. But you don't have to have top dollar or go to a bodybuilding gym to find Mr. America, all you have to do is be ready for your life-changing results. You will receive the same treatment with online personal training as you would face-to-face with Jason Kozma, so be prepared to to train hard and eat clean. Mr. America will set up a customized weight training, cardio, and nutrition plan for your specific goals. Your training program is specifically made for you by Jason Kozma, and with the accountability of getting results. Mr. America will set the bar high and keep it high.

Having the world's best online personal trainer and coach means getting results, whether it is to tone up, build muscle mass, lose weight or even compete in a fitness competition, Jason Kozma is the (first) and best online coach in the world and will get you to your goal. Just look at the before and after pictures to get an idea. How many people can say their trainer is Mr. America? You can, so sign up for online personal training with Jason Kozma!

See What Some of My Clients Have to Say

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Jason helped me finally get on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. Now I’m headed to college, 25 pounds lighter, and more importantly, I feel great about how I look. Thanks, Jason!

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This workout has been awesome. Initially, I signed up to get in shape for my wedding, but this has become a new lifestyle for me. Ruben is a great trainer and an even better person. I finally have motivation and accountability to stay in shape and feel GOOD about myself. The stairs are not as scary as they sound and the boxing class is super fun and gives me tons of confidence. Saturday mornings at the beach are great – so much better than being stuck inside a gym. Great people, great workout, reasonable price. I am a happy customer. : )

Liz S.
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STILL IN GA on work!! Had an amazing week

Booked a role on vampire diaries and I had two very sexy lingerie scenes

Everyone was complementing my bod!!! And I told them about you!!

Jena S.
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Heather: beginning bodyfat: 27.4% / 142 lbs – present bodyfat: 14.8% / 122 lbs Pounds lost : 20

After gaining almost 50 pounds while pregnant with my son, I didn’t think I would ever see a size 6 again. I worked out occasionally, but didn’t really have a program to follow or know where to begin to lose the weight. About the time I really decided to do something about my appearance, someone told my husband about Jason’s program and he began doing it. His program looked easy enough to follow and after a few weeks of seeing his results, I gave it a try. Jason developed a program that enabled me to lose the weight where I needed to and quickly. Seeing the results happen so fast gave me the motivation I needed to continue. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to put on pants that I thought I would never fit into again! Now I have the body and the confidence to fulfill one of my life-long dreams – trying out to be a cheerleader for an NFL team. Jason even changed my program to help me achieve that goal in a few short months. I can’t thank you enough Jason. You are a genius!!!

Heather L.
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I have lost 25lbs, I know from week 1 to week 5 lost 10% body fat…and feel a hellofalot better. I’ll come see you at the end of the 8 weeks!

Erik K.
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Starting bodyfat 20% ending bodyfat 11% Time: 8 weeks

Andrew S.
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As a personal trainer and figure competitor, I understand eating clean and dedication, but Jason’s plan took things to a whole new level for me! By creating a customized meal plan and training regimen, he helped me to lose stubborn body fat, add lean muscle and sculpt my body just the way I wanted. Jason’s online training program was an incredible opportunity for me to utilize his expertise even though I live 200 miles away. When Jason says he’s “committed to your success” he means it. So, if you truly want to see results and online training is your best option, you’ll be successful and satisfied with Jason’s High Performance Personal Training program! See you at the next show!

Diana S. NPC Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer
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Thanks Jason! Feel free to put my photos up on your site – your advice really got me to the most ripped I have ever been!

Bryan G.
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I have always wanted to compete in a bikini competition. I made up my mind and went to Jason after checking out his impressive personal trainer website! He built a plan for me around the amount of time I had to train before the competition date! I got a huge list of foods and plenty of exercises to keep me going. I was always sweating and feeling good after my weight training sessions! I started with Jason at 24% body fat and 127lbs. Eight weeks later, I was down to 20% body fat and 125 lbs. By competition day (15 weeks from day 1), I weighed in at 123 and 16% body fat. I lost 8% body fat and tons of inches everywhere, including 3 off each thigh!! My scale only dropped a few pounds which let me know that even while I was dropping fat like crazy, I wasn’t losing muscle – in fact I was replacing the fat by building more muscle! If you want results and fast – hire this man as your personal trainer and follow the rules! It CAN be done!

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When I was 53, I won the Venice Beach body building contest master’s division because of Jason.

I am a nurse by profession, not some disciplined, driven athlete. His heartfelt encouragement gave me the courage and his training techniques, that were, quite frankly not that difficult gave me THE body! If you do what he says, you will get what you want – plus!

Jason really cares about results for you, not so common in the training world I have found.

Don’t put it off, it is never too late to win the body battle, and with Jason’s help it will happen
sooner than you think!

Win the Body Battle!
Gale: Venice Muscle Classic Champion (at age 53!)
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40 years old: Esther was an inconsistent gym and with our online program she rose to winning figure competitions! Placed 1st at 2004 Venice Beach Muscle Classic as well as Figure Short. She also took 3rd place in the Tournament of Champions Figure A and at Max Muscle Naturals Masters Short.

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Online nutrition client body transformation Jason – thank you for all the knowledge you have taught me about food. Not only did it help me prepare my mind and body for the pageant but it is something I will take with me the rest of my life thank you for introducing me to your trainer. He is amazing just like you.