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Want Mr. America Jason Kozma himself to design your very own Body Transformation Program? Jason will custom design your diet, workouts and supplements so you can get astonishing results just like his in-person clients!

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For your ultimate convenience and results, Jason is pleased to offer his custom designed Online Personal Training Programs to fit your schedule and fitness goals! Featuring personalized weight training, cardio, nutrition, and supplement guidance, these online programs are designed specially for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma. All programs include weekly checkups and instruction via his exclusive personal training app, making it easy for you to maintain a regular workout routine in your busy life.

Quote from Jason himself: "I offer bespoke training programs that are tailored to your individual and unique goals: gaining muscle, losing fat, getting ready for a wedding, reunion, or even a physique contest. As long as you are an active client I can can adjust your workout and diet just like I would for an in-person client."

Those who participate in the online personal training program will receive all the same program benefits that Jason's face to face clients get. These benefits include a custom fitted workout schedule and nutritional regimen, consultations via in app messaging with weekly checkups, informational support handbooks, access to his exclusive workout app and diet-friendly recipe book. There are upgraded options available including monthly or weekly private training / consulting and VIP Private coaching as well.

Read the rest of this page for more information about Jason's online training program and to read some client testimonials below highlighting the kind of success you can attain when you commit to reaching your goals with Mr. America as your coach.

Real People. Real Results.

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Online Personal Training Packages


4 weeks online personal training program $369

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*$199 per month thereafter


8 weeks online personal training program $459

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*$179 per month thereafter


16 weeks online personal training program $629

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*$129 per month thereafter



Consultations or Meetings with Jason *

Meeting Type


* 30 minute consultations are usually used for: posing practice, bodyfat checkup and diet adjustments or short training session / teaching specific exercise techniques. 60 minute consultations are usually used for: A full training session with measurements and updates, new program creation, or anything else we can fit into the hour. In home consultations can be used for home gym design plus typical consultation items.

Why Do Online Personal Training?

online personal training

Do you ever find yourself being envious of celebrities and their bodies? Sure, you could have it all too if you had the money for it; top of the line trainer, nutrition advice and guidance along with custom private training. Sounds out of your reach, right? Wrong. Nothing is out of your reach with Jason Kozma's online personal training, because everything is customized for your needs and goals. Your workout can be designed for you to use at your gym or in the privacy of your own home gym. No more doing ineffective workouts you've copied from other people at the gym or found on the internet.

Mr. America Jason Kozma himself, not an assistant, tech or intern, will be your online personal trainer. He isn't the type of trainer you'll find at your local gym. Jason's experience and knowledge commands top dollar for in person training. But you don't have to have top dollar or go to a bodybuilding gym to find Mr. America, all you have to do is be ready for your life-changing results. You will receive the same treatment with online personal training as you would face-to-face with Jason Kozma, so be prepared to to train hard and eat clean. Mr. America will set up a customized weight training, cardio, and nutrition plan for your specific goals. Your training program is specifically made for you by Jason Kozma, and with the accountability of getting results. Mr. America will set the bar high and keep it high.

Having the world's best online personal trainer and coach means getting results, whether it is to tone up, build muscle mass, lose weight or even compete in a fitness competition, Jason Kozma is the (first) and best online coach in the world and will get you to your goal. Just look at the before and after pictures to get an idea. How many people can say their trainer is Mr. America? You can, so sign up for online personal training with Jason Kozma!


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