Ms. Muscle Beach 2008 – Hanna

Hanna 1st place figure Ms. Muscle Beach

Hanna 1st place Ms. Muscle Beach

I bet you never thought that you can become a bodybuilder. So many women worry about gaining too much muscle and becoming bulky but in reality, weight training transforms their bodies and helps them become strong and beautiful.

This is the story of my client Hanna, who went from flabby to ripped in just four months.

The 34-year-old mother of two lost 12 pounds and became an inspiration to many who think they will never get their body back after childbirth.

Hanna Dios came to train with me in January 2008, she weighed 120 lbs and her body fat was 20%, about normal for women who look good in clothes. Hanna wanted to transform her body. She worked out on her own and trained with me three times a week. To motivate herself and to challenge her body, Hanna decided to work toward the Mr. / Ms. Muscle Beach competition, held every year on July 4th at Muscle Beach in Venice.

Hanna changed her diet and immediately noticed how her body was getting stronger. That’s one of the biggest benefits of bodybuilding for women, you feel accomplished and stronger. I helped Hanna increase her muscle tone with a high protein, low fat diet and supplements.

Training for a competition isn’t a easy task. Regular workouts are a big part of it. But then, you diet is as important. You have to eat every three hours, prepare your meals for several days and measure out portions so you know exactly what goes into your body. It takes a tremendous amount of willpower but it is so rewarding! You can’t cheat or it will show on your body. And you have to keep it up for up to 18 weeks with no days off.

For Hanna, it didn’t feel like deprivation. She was motivated and I helped keep her on track. Over 6 weeks, she dropped 14 pounds and 10 % body fat. She gained considerable muscle and her body was looking great. But it was more than just good-looking body that motivated Hanna and kept her on track. The training challenged not only her body, but her mind, spirituality and intellect.

“I could never have guessed I would ever have done something like this but with Jason as a coach and manager, I was pushed to my right superior strength and won!” says Hanna.

If you are considering a challenge like Hanna’s, I strongly recommend hiring an experienced coach to help you with your contest preparations.  A good figure competition coach will not only map out your weight training and cardio plan but also your diet, teach you how to pose and own the stage so you’ll have a leg up on the competition. 

bikini before after

Initial body transformation

Ms muscle beach 2008

Hanna winning 2008 Ms. Muscle Beach Figure International Championships

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