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Our boxing training program is an great way to build muscle, burn fat, increase stamina, flexibility, coordination, and improve your physical vitality overall. Although boxing rounds only last three minutes, most people don’t realize how exhausting those few minutes are. Only a trained body can last through a round of dodging punches and attacking while saving energy for the rounds to come. Even if you aren’t planning on competitive boxing, the training will benefit your life in many ways.


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Since boxing training is intense and meant to prepare you for a long-lasting fight, it's an excellent mean by which to increase endurance and burn fat. With the balance of strength training exercises and cardio you’ll do, you'll burn tons of calories and bodyfat.

To throw a good punch, the entire body has to be well-developed and conditioned. Your individual training routine will be formulated according to your strengths and weaknesses. Here we will provide you with training that will best build your strength, muscular endurance, coordination and more.

Naturally, you’ll improve your stamina with the cardio aspect of the training.  In a single round you’ll be attacking, defending, and avoiding while also paying close attention to your footwork. This will greatly develop your endurance level. Jumping rope, roadwork, and punching pads for long periods of time will help you build stamina you need to last a round.  Warming up, stretching, and cooling down will be covered in the session.

Private boxing sessions are performed in the client's home / yard or outside area. No matter what age or gender you are, you’ll find that boxing is fun and a great way to improve your fitness and body in general. To set up an appointment, give us a call or send an email today.

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