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About Mr. America Jason Kozma's Santa Monica Bodybuilding Training program 

This page pertains to my bodybuilding training programs, for both those interested in competition or if you simply want to add muscle and shape. I've coached and trained men and women who just wanted to put on some muscle to competitive natural bodybuilders, bikini, figure and fitness competitors.

I am an experienced competitive bodybuilder with over twenty years worth of experience in weight training and bodybuilding training, nutrition and competition prep. My program focuses on improving your physique.  Most trainers programs emphasize improvement in athletic or functional fitness and endurance, rather than focusing on what works to create a championship physique.

If your goal is to build muscle whether it's for the stage, beach, workplace, bedroom or just for your own satisfaction, training with me makes the most sense. Why train with a general fitness trainer when your goal is to build muscle? Shouldn't you work with someone who's an expert at building and shaping muscle?

I've trained numerous people to get in the best shape of their lives. If you want to compete in bikini, fitness, figure, physique or bodybuilding competitions or just look like you could do so, meet with me now!

Contact me to find out which of my bodybuilding coaching programs will be best for you!

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Finding the right personal trainer can mean the difference between success and failure in bodybuilding. If you choose a coach that isn't suited for you, it can not only be frustrating, but it can also waste your time and money. If you’re considering using a bodybuilding coach, here are some of the benefits, as well as a few guidelines for selecting the right coach.

If you’re looking for a high quality personal trainer and bodybuilding coach, look no further. Besides offering on-site gym-based training, we also provide online coaching. 

Clients - Bikini - Figure - Physique - Bodybuilding

arsine before and after

Arsine before and after

Arsine wbff pro Chicago 2016

Arsine went pro at Wbff Chicago!

Read Arsine's testimonial


muscle beach physique winner Nick

Nick won the physique overall at Mr. Muscle Beach!

master's bikini NPC Excalibur

Beverly won 1st runner-up in master's bikini NPC Excalibur



Beverly's first show: NPC Excalibur 2009


2011 NPC Tournament of Champions Figure Masters

Diana Steck 2011 NPC Tournament of Champions Figure Masters 35+ class b 2nd place after Jason's online coaching

Hanna muscle beach 2008

Hanna: 1st place Figure at Ms. Muscle Beach 2008

Read Hanna's Testimonial


Larry Musclemania California and World

Larry Musclemania California 1st runner up and 4th at World Championships

NABBA Miss Figure America and Miss Muscle Beach

Lejla won both NABBA Miss Figure America and Miss Muscle Beach!

NABBA Miss Figure America and Miss Muscle Beach Champion Lejla

Read Lejla's Testimonial


esther Venice beach bodybuilding

Esther: Venice Muscle Classic Figure Short 1st place!

Gale Venice Beach 1st place women's bodyuilding

Gale - Venice Beach 1st place women's bodybuilding at age 53!

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Jason Kozma Bodybuilding Contest History


Natural Bodybuilding Coach

Jason Kozma bodybuilding photos

Jason's Mr. America Story

Client Reviews from Yelp

At N.

As a triathlete, stretching and weights are two of my weak areas. Jason has changed that and the results have shown on the bike and in the pool. He increased my leg strength and flexibility and this made climbing the Malibu hills just a touch easier. Jason is a great guy to train with and he gets results quickly. Everything he does is customised to you and your needs. Im already looking forward to getting back in the gm with him

Faith B.

Jason was the tough love I needed to reach my fitness goals. He kept up with my progress and modified my diet accordingly along the way. His personable approach makes him stand out from the rest!

Mattias E.

Jason Kozma as a child:

- "What do you want to be when you grow up Jason?"
- "Jason Kozma"

Seriously, Jason is a true witchmaster when it comes to training, nutrition and making you realize what it takes to get the shit done.
A genius!

Overall Yelp rating is 5 out of 5.0 for Santa Monica Personal Training based on 38 reviews.

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