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About Mr. America Jason Kozma's Santa Monica Bodybuilding Training program 

This page pertains to my bodybuilding training programs, for both those interested in competition or if you simply want to add muscle and shape. I've coached and trained men and women who just wanted to put on some muscle to competitive natural bodybuilders, bikini, figure and fitness competitors.

I am an experienced competitive bodybuilder with over twenty years worth of experience in weight training and bodybuilding training, nutrition and competition prep. My program focuses on improving your physique.  Most trainers programs emphasize improvement in athletic or functional fitness and endurance, rather than focusing on what works to create a championship physique.

If your goal is to build muscle whether it's for the stage, beach, workplace, bedroom or just for your own satisfaction, training with me makes the most sense. Why train with a general fitness trainer when your goal is to build muscle? Shouldn't you work with someone who's an expert at building and shaping muscle?

I've trained numerous people to get in the best shape of their lives. If you want to compete in bikini, fitness, figure, physique or bodybuilding competitions or just look like you could do so, meet with me now!

Contact me to find out which of my bodybuilding coaching programs will be best for you!

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Finding the right personal trainer can mean the difference between success and failure in bodybuilding. If you choose a coach that isn't suited for you, it can not only be frustrating, but it can also waste your time and money. If you’re considering using a bodybuilding coach, here are some of the benefits, as well as a few guidelines for selecting the right coach.

If you’re looking for a high quality personal trainer and bodybuilding coach, look no further. Besides offering on-site gym-based training, we also provide online coaching. 



Roxanne: Miss Fitness Galaxy Competitor – Age 39 body fat below 10% lost 25lbs fat

Roxanne: Age 39 body fat below 10% lost 25lbs fat

When I found Jason online he fit all of my requirements for what I was looking for in a personal trainer. I wanted someone with both knowledge and experience in the world of bodybuilding. He is very knowledgeable and knows how to solve every dilemma related to my fitness and goals. I always look forward to my workouts with Jason and the results that they are sure to bring when paired along with his custom nutrition program specifically tailored for my goals. I can safely say that choosing Jason as my personal trainer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

built mass and got ripped

The area in which I live does not understand bodybuilding. I found Jason Kozma to help me get on the right track to become a bodybuilder. He helps me with nutrition, supplements and how to work out. I appreciate his guidance and expertise and is great to work with. Online training client – mass gain


Personal trainer and client – Got 2nd in his first show: Musclemania California Bodybuilding Championships! After 6 months training with Jason Larry was invited to join our team. Larry is our Tarzana personal trainer.

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I’ve had personal trainers on and off in the past 12 years, but Jason’s training and nutrition program is the only program that’s ever gotten me as close as I am now to achieving the body I’ve only dreamed about. In only 4 weeks I gained 9 pounds of muscle and lost 6 pounds of fat, going from 20% down to 15% body fat — and those are crazy results! I get compliments left and right every week and everyone wants to know how I’m doing it or who I’m training with! You will absolutely achieve the body you want with Jason’s training and guidance!

I gained 9 pounds of muscle and lost 6 pounds of fat!

Jason is a very diligent personal trainer; he truly cares that I achieve my goals, and that’s priceless. I will use the valuable knowledge that I received from Jason in connection with my diet and training tips for the rest of my life. I’ve been training with one of Jason’s high performance team members. He is a very gifted trainer who motivates me to work hard and designs training programs that target specific areas that I want to improve. He always stays very supportive and professional. I feel confident because I know that Jason will always have a plan how to continue making improvements to my physique.

Gained 10 lbs muscle
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When I came to Jason Kozma for help, I had already been working out very consistently on a daily basis for the past 7 years of my life, and was at somewhat of a plateau with my physique. I wasn’t somebody looking for a personal trainer for motivation to get to the gym or to help me push harder. What I needed was fine tuning to my already rigorous diet and workout regimen. I needed very specific and detailed information, only attainable from someone with the knowledge acquired through many years of personal, hands-on experience down in the trenches. After all, like most other sports, you can’t become an expert by reading a book or getting a certificate; practice makes perfect. The sport of physique competition has many tricks-of-the-trade that you won’t learn from a conventional nutritionist or personal trainer. I had 3 major goals when contacting Jason. I wanted to put on 15 pounds of muscle, compete in another men’s physique competition, and most important of all, rehabilitate my injured shoulder that had severely limited my performance and development for the past 5 years. I can now confidently say that all 3 are part of an accomplished mission. All training sessions were conducted with a high level of attention and personal interest on Jason’s behalf. As for the 15 pounds, the day I met Jason I weighed 176 pounds, now I weight exactly 190. All 14 pounds are muscle, no extra fat. As for the injured shoulder, I had gone through a fair share of downtime and physical therapy; nothing seemed to work and I had somewhat lost hope of a full recovery. What other non-bodybuilder therapists were unable to do was understand the source of the recurring irritation in my shoulder. Aside from assigning rehabilitation exercises, more importantly, Jason quickly noticed a subtle flaw in my bench-pressing technique and corrected it. That was, without a doubt, the factor has single-handedly restored my shoulder to a nearly full recovery after 5 whole years without any significant improvement. At first the price seemed a bit steep. Now, looking back, I feel like there wouldn’t have been much of an alternative to achieve the kinds of improvements I was able to achieve, and I am glad I spent the extra buck for some quality service. Thanks for all the good work, Jason!

Gained 14lbs of muscle, fixed my shoulder too!
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Jason is a true professional who leads by example. His expertise and deep knowledge are unparalleled, and through his long-term commitment to the art of fitness he has developed the mastery to train at the highest level. Jason is recommended to the maximum.

3 Weeks!
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40 years old: Esther was an inconsistent gym and with our online program she rose to winning figure competitions! Placed 1st at 2004 Venice Beach Muscle Classic as well as Figure Short. She also took 3rd place in the Tournament of Champions Figure A and at Max Muscle Naturals Masters Short.

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Jason delivers! I had always wanted to get in good enough shape to show off, that was my goal. At the age of 53, with the support and encouragement of Jason, I entered the master’s division of the Venice Body Building Classic, …and won! Jason coached me for three months in my diet, and exercise regimen and supervised my workouts two days a week. He helped me get in phenomenal shape and gave me the confidence to get up on stage and strut my stuff! Jason lives what he teaches. You can trust him to get you in the shape you want, whatever that is. Like he says, “just do what I say” It works EVERY TIME. Thanks Jason!

Gale: 2003 Venice Muscle Classic Champion (at age 53!)

Jason delivers!
2003 Venice Muscle Classic Champion

Packed on 35 pounds of solid muscle!




Beverly's first show: NPC Excalibur 2009


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