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You Are What You Drink

waterIt has become apparent to me that many people do not realize how many calories and sugar they are drinking.

Any beverage that isn’t water has something in it.  The question is, does that thing have calories, or have properties that are going to make it difficult to lose fat?
I’m not going to throw stones about diet soda.  I like diet soda.  I drink diet soda.  If you don’t like it, I don’t care.
However I’m sure I’d lean out faster without it.

What You Drink Counts

Let’s not digress though, most of you are drinking ridiculously caloric beverages that are making you fat.  Changing what you drink just may be the simple weight loss fix you’ve been looking for.

Here’s common beverages people are drinking with calories (that most of you don’t realize are there):

  • Coffee with cream and sugar or syrups from Starbucks or coffee house
  • any form of alcohol, including straight liquor (more articles on this in this blog)
  • Soda (regular)
  • Juice  – fruit juice is all sugar. Vegetable juice usually has fruit juice, plus tons of salt (V8)
  • Snapple – sugar
  • Gatorade – sugar
  • Vitamin Water – sugar water.
  • Red Bull – red sugar.  Sugar free red bull is ok!
  • other energy drinks – caffeine and sugar.

Make some easy changes to the way you live for massive changes down the road.

Venice Personal Trainer Shares Overcoming Obstacles to Weight Loss

weight loss Los AngelesAs the top Venice Personal Trainer, I know that it is a fact that losing weight can be quite easy if people put their minds to it. Unfortunately, that is the reason why most people cannot manage to shed their excess pounds. If a person’s mind is clouded, then that may be the reason why they have not seen any results. Below are 3 obstacles that may be hindering your mind and preventing you from burning fat.

Overcome These 3 Obstacles

Obstacle #1: Patience
People are impatient, especially in this day and age where everything is so instant, such as looking up answers on the Internet and getting meals from fast food restaurants. It will take time to transform your body, so a good way to feel instantly gratified is to keep track of your weight daily. Make a journal logging your caloric intake and weight lost each day in order to see that you are actually making progress.

Obstacle #2: Motivation
Even though you want to lose weight, you just cannot get motivated to do so. You may have tried and tried again to exercise and eat right just to forget about it a week later. Lack of commitment may be the problem here. You have to see exercise as an activity just as important as work or sleep. Don’t allow yourself to make any excuses for putting off exercise any longer. If that voice inside of your head is telling you to skip a workout or quit, you have to ignore that negative thought by counteracting it by visualizing how good you will look and feel after accomplishing your goal. Continue to stay committed until you have reached your goal, and then decide whether or not you want to keep at it or stop resulting in gaining back the lost weight.

Obstacle #3: Diet
Eating right is one of the most important steps for weight loss. Your mind may be telling you that exercise is enough and that it is okay to eat anything. Well, that is completely wrong. If you eat refined and processed junk foods, then your body will not get the proper fuel it needs in order to burn off fat. You’ll need foods contain a good amount of good carbohydrates and proteins, such as fish or whole grain foods. In order to make sure you’re keeping at it, it may be best to work with one of my weight loss specialists in Los Angeles. They’ll choose the right diet for you as well as support you along the way.

Once you overcome those obstacles, weight loss will be easy for you to achieve. All it takes is a little patience, commitment, eating right, and performing the right exercises to reach your goal. Keep visualizing how good you’ll feel once that goal is reached, then after reaching it make sure your continue exercising and eating right in order to maintain your weight.

The Top 7 Reasons to Exercise

Personal Trainer Pacific Palisades

Team Trainer Kim

Reason #1: To Lose Fat

I don’t need to tell you that our society is not pro-fat.  Being lean makes you feel good about your appearance. Unless you’re crazy.  Then you’ll find another problem.

Reason #2: To Reduce Pain

Old jocks like me know that skipping workouts just makes injuries hurt more.  Training keeps our muscle / joint balance in line.

Reason #3: To Build Muscle

Muscle looks good.  Fat doesn’t.

Reason #4: Anti-Aging

People who train don’t age as quickly as those who don’t.  Have a look around the gym.

Reason #5: To Stay Healthy

It’s like health insurance that keeps you from getting sick, or at least less often.

Reason #6: To Reduce Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Young people don’t think about this benefit, but if you make good nutrition and regular vigorous exercise your lifestyle, you will likely never develop problems with these 2 things.

Reason #7: To Feel Good

Call or email me today to get started on a program that will take the guesswork out of fitness and to set your results on fire.

What are you waiting for?


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