5 Proven Weight Training Benefits Over 60

Weight Training Benefits Over 60

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#1 – Increases Muscle Strength & Size: In 2013, the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports published an article that systematically researched studies that had been conducted on the weight training benefits over 60. The study found that weight training produces a “large and positive effect” on muscle strength and size. Researchers further found that weight training is an effective tool to combat sarcopenia—the degenerative loss of muscle mass that is associated with aging.

#2 – Reduces Metabolic Risk Factors: In 2010, Sports Medicine published an article that examined the effect of weight training on metabolic risk factors. Researchers found that resistance/weight training has a “clinically and statistically significant effect on metabolic risk factors” such as obesity and high blood pressure, making it ideal for those with (or at risk of getting) type 2 diabetes.

#3 – Slows Sarcopenia: In 2011, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a study that explored the relationship between sarcopenia and weight training in elderly men. Sarcopenia is age-associated muscle degeneration that results from the slow decline of muscle cells. The study found that weight and resistance training slows the normal process of sarcopenia, improves bone density, and increases body balance.

Weight Training Benefits Over 60

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#4 – Counteracts Anabolic Resistance: In 2011, Nutrition & Metabolism published an article that examined methods for counteracting anabolic resistance in the elderly population. Anabolic resistance is the reduction in the ability of muscles to synthesize protein, which is a common problem among for those over 60. Scientists discovered that by increasing protein intake alongside resistance and weight training can counteract the process of anabolic resistance, and “will promote an optimal anabolic response.”

#5 – Reduces Slips & Improves Gait: In 2011, the International Journal of Rehabilitation Research published a study that researched whether weight training reduces the incidence of falls and improves the gait of older adults. The results showed that older adults who utilized weight training for eight weeks saw reduced friction and contact velocity in their gaits, as well as an increase in overall body mass acceleration. In addition, knee strength was improved and the number of reported slips significantly decreased.

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Teen Weight Training For Sports

When it comes to athletics, youth is a double-edged sword.

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teen bodybuilder Jason Kozma : 1991 Southern States

You’re arguably never more flexible, more energetic and more able to develop strength and athleticism than you are when you’re young. That being said, young people haven’t had time to accumulate the wisdom and experience that are necessary for optimal athletic results. Also, if young people train improperly, they are at risk for injuring their growing bodies and impairing their future physical accomplishments.

That’s why a Santa Monica personal trainer who specializes in teen athletic training for sports is really a good idea for young people who want to reach their maximum potential.

A qualified personal trainer understands the human body and knows what a teenager’s sport requires, so he or she can help make sure that the training regimen does maximizes sports performance. A trainer with relevant experience also has the background and expertise needed to make sessions with him or her as efficient as they are effective. Lastly, working with a trainer is perhaps the best way to make sure you’re availing yourself to the right blend of tried-and-true strategies as well as the latest and most up-to-date techniques and approaches.

If you are interested in working with a personal trainer in the Los Angeles area who can help teenagers with their athletic training, we invite you to learn more about Santa Monica Personal Training. 

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