5 Proven Weight Training Benefits Over 60

Weight Training Benefits Over 60

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#1 – Increases Muscle Strength & Size: In 2013, the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports published an article that systematically researched studies that had been conducted on the weight training benefits over 60. The study found that weight training produces a “large and positive effect” on muscle strength and size. Researchers further found that weight training is an effective tool to combat sarcopenia—the degenerative loss of muscle mass that is associated with aging.

#2 – Reduces Metabolic Risk Factors: In 2010, Sports Medicine published an article that examined the effect of weight training on metabolic risk factors. Researchers found that resistance/weight training has a “clinically and statistically significant effect on metabolic risk factors” such as obesity and high blood pressure, making it ideal for those with (or at risk of getting) type 2 diabetes.

#3 – Slows Sarcopenia: In 2011, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a study that explored the relationship between sarcopenia and weight training in elderly men. Sarcopenia is age-associated muscle degeneration that results from the slow decline of muscle cells. The study found that weight and resistance training slows the normal process of sarcopenia, improves bone density, and increases body balance.

#4 – Counteracts Anabolic Resistance: In 2011, Nutrition & Metabolism published an article that examined methods for counteracting anabolic resistance in the elderly population. Anabolic resistance is the reduction in the ability of muscles to synthesize protein, which is a common problem among for those over 60. Scientists discovered that by increasing protein intake alongside resistance and weight training can counteract the process of anabolic resistance, and “will promote an optimal anabolic response.”

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#5 – Reduces Slips & Improves Gait: In 2011, the International Journal of Rehabilitation Research published a study that researched whether weight training reduces the incidence of falls and improves the gait of older adults. The results showed that older adults who utilized weight training for eight weeks saw reduced friction and contact velocity in their gaits, as well as an increase in overall body mass acceleration. In addition, knee strength was improved and the number of reported slips significantly decreased.

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Exercise Will Keep You Young

Jane Fonda fitness age 73

Jane Fonda age 73

Whether you are as young as twenty or as old as eighty, you will reap the anti-aging benefits of exercising no matter what age you are at.

In fact, a 2012 news article reported that the actress Jane Fonda, who is seventy-six years old, and fitness coach Richard Simmons, who was sixty-four years old, have teamed-up to release a series of workout DVDs.

This just goes to show you that you can be as healthy as you were when you were twenty when you are seventy.

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Jane Fonda at 73

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There has been much research on how beneficial exercises is to those of all ages, resulting in findings that report major benefits in any age group. Diseases that affect many people as they age such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and osteoporosis can all be prevented with physical activity. Severe conditions like diabetes, cancer, strokes, and heart disease can all be prevented as well.

To add on to all of those great benefits, exercise will also prevent the body from losing function, meaning there will be less of a chance of disability. A study released in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society shows that older people who are physically active will remain active far longer than those in their age group who remain inactive. If you already have one of the conditions already mentioned, exercise will still help you manage it or prevent it from getting worse. It may be wise to consult with a personal trainer in order to find out which exercises would be best for the condition you have in order to prevent possible injury.

Start Now and Do It Right

Jason Kozma, senior fitness expert, personal trainer at and owner of High Performance Personal Training, states that “It is never too late, or too early, to get up and start exercising. Once you get your physician’s approval, the next step would be to slowly and carefully build up your intensity to the level that is comfortable for you. Exercising with an experienced personal trainer will ensure that your workout is as effective and safe as possible.”

It is recommended that you include the three main types of exercises to your routine being cardio, strength training, and flexibility stretches.

3 Main Types of Exercise

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Running from zombies counts as cardio.

Cardio exercise includes activities like walking, running, swimming, and tennis. These exercises will not only keep the heart health, but will also keep the brain functioning as well. Cardio can also help prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s, and similar age-related conditions.

Barbell Curls

Strength training will keep the muscles at a level we’d like them to stay at. It is only natural that your muscle mass will decrease with age, which will also weaken the bones resulting in osteoporosis. Weight training exercises will prevent that from happening by keeping the muscle and bones as strong as possible.

hamstring stretchFlexibility and stretching like stretching routines, yoga, and tai chi will improve a person’s overall pliability, flexibility and balance which declines with age.  Falling can cause more serious injury as you age, so it’s best to keep your coordination and stability.  Flexibility exercise will also strengthen the joints, reduce excessive tension in the muscles, improves flexibility, prevent arthritis, and can even soothe back or arthritis pain.

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