How’s Your Weight Loss Going? You Need A Los Angeles Personal Trainer

It’s been just over one month since New Years, the day you decided you’ll lose that extra weight for sure this year. February is the time of year where your resolutions are tested, especially if weight loss is one of them. By this time most people haven’t lost that much weight, so they become discouraged and give up. It’s unfortunate, but there are people who have that stubborn fat that just won’t go away. How do you get rid of it? Well, giving up definitely isn’t the answer.

Heather M before and after

Heather: 21.3% bodyfat to 14.6% read her testimonial

It is easy to give up and get depressed when that fat just won’t go away. Not only do people get depressed, but gain even more weight as a result. Stop your negative thinking before it gets to you. Instead, focus on the cure at hand. When your mind is prepared and mental state good, you will notice weight loss will come a lot easier.


Jacob: over 20% to 8% bodyfat

Below are four simple weight loss steps that will help you lose that stubborn fat for good.

Step #1: Ask yourself, “Do I Really Want to Lose Weight?”

Of course you do, don’t you? If you are having a hard time sticking to an exercise routine, think about whether you are serious about it or not. Imagine how much better you’ll look and feel after achieving your goals. Wouldn’t you rather be in that physical state instead of this one? Buckle down and get ready to put forth all of your effort, you’re going to lose weight and live in the body you should be in.

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Step #2: Keep Your Goal in Sight

It can be quite difficult working toward a goal you cannot see. This is why it is important to imagine exactly how you want to look like. Focusing on your current image won’t help at all, so daydream about every feature of your body and what it will look and feel like after you’ve been exercising for awhile. Positive people always seem to live a healthier lifestyle, which is exactly why you need to keep a positive mindset and picture your future self every single day until you can see it in the mirror in front of you.

Step #3: Tread Slowly

Losing weight isn’t a competition, take each step slowly and focus on losing five pounds at a time. Looking at the big picture, especially if your goal is to lose over one hundred pounds, can be quite overwhelming and discouraging. Although the end goal is important, you should keep it at the back of your mind and focus on the now and you’ll reach that point before you know it. Focus on eating healthy and exercising today. The actions you take in the present are what shape your future.

Step #4: Discard Any Negative Thoughts

As stated above, only the positive will reach their goals. If you tend to have negative thoughts constantly running through your mind then you’ll need to find a way to stop them in their tracks. Any time you find yourself thinking negatively, completely stop your thinking entirely and start exercising. If you use your negative thoughts as a way to get yourself up and moving, you’ll find results in no time.

With the right mindset anyone can lose that stubborn weight. Proper nutrition and exercise are important factors as well, so it may be a good idea to consult with a personal trainer to learn about the various programs you can try out. A trainer will recommend which program is right for your body so that you can reach your goal as fast as possible, which can only be done if you stick with it and never give up.


Client Testimonials (that Yelp won’t display)

I’ve had personal trainers in the past, but Jason is by FAR the best of the best. He’s tough, but I  got amazing results in only 3 months. He’s very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and motivational. I’ve worked out and lifted weights all my life, and I thought I knew it all. Boy was I wrong. He taught me things I’ve never heard anywhere else … and it works. He’s also insistent on keeping you safe and working around any injuries you have. BTW, he’s also funny, so it makes the process of working out with him enjoyable. In addition to all this, he’s still in amazing shape himself and practices what he preaches. He has the mindset of a champion and it’s contagious. Working with him, I not only got amazing physical benefits (increased lean muscle mass and lowered body fat), but I also found my mindset in work and everyday life improved dramatically.

Barry B. Malibu, CA


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