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Women’s Soccer Olympics 2012 Finals USA wins Gold Medal

Women's Soccer Olympics 2012 Finals USASince I’m not planning on training for the Olympics, the closest I may ever have gotten to an Olympic Gold Medal was last night’s Women’s Soccer Finals where the USA won the Gold Medal. It was as exciting a game as there ever was. USA vs. Japan – the two best teams of these games fought it out on the field. The score was close… the US scored in the first 10 minutes, but we had to wait until the second half for any more scoring. The fans were cheering, flags were waving and everyone was on the edge of their seats.

It all came down to teamwork, as it usually does in games like this. This is no basketball game. There are no slam dunks or multi-million dollar players out there (well, maybe after all of the post-Olympic endorsements…), just a group of exceptionally talented women working all day, everyday to make their dreams a reality. Hard work, practice, training and teamwork are the cornerstones to success in soccer. Even that may not be enough to win a medal in the Olympics. Every team out there, in fact, every Olympian has worked hard, trained hard and practiced for thousands of hours to reach these games. I just felt privileged to be able to attend some of these events and cheer on these amazing athletes.

Tae Kwon Do at Olympics 2012

Post from Jill: Tae Kwon Do at Olympics 2012

Tae Kwon Do at Olympics 2012Olympics 2012 Tae Kwon Do
Chuck Norris Would Be Proud! Many roundhouse kicks!

Note: Most people don’t know this, but Jason was a red belt in Tae Kwon Do by the age of 12. He moved away before being able to test for black belt and switched to Wado-Ryu Karate, earning his black belt by 15 (they made him start from purple belt which was 3rd rank). Jason taught Karate classes for 1 year. He later switched to Wado-Kai Karate (no pads or sport competition, more hardcore and integrative)

Team USA Handball at Olympics 2012 in London

Team USA Handball at Olympics 2012 in LondonTeam handball.


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