The History of Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach is etched into Santa Monica and Southern California history, from the time of its creation in the 1930s. The beach was born out of the Work Projects Administration (WPA), an effort to help dispel the effects of the Great Depression and put Americans back to work. Immediately, the beach became a gathering place for Hollywood’s stunt actors and celebrities, growing in fame around the world. As time passed, gymnasts, acrobats, and bodybuilders began to congregate at the beach, giving rise to the name “Muscle Beach.” While most beaches feature an assortment of activities, like chess or volleyball, Muscle Beach was unique for its focus on bodybuilding and other gymnastic activities.

original Muscle Beach

The original Muscle Beach near Santa Monica pier

History Made

The city of Santa Monica wrestled with the new-found fame of Muscle Beach in the 1940s and 50s, but the popularity of both bodybuilding and the beach continued to grow. The masses of chiseled, attractive men and women displaying their physique on the beach inspired many more to join the fitness boom. Some of the famous names in Muscle Beach history include Steve ‘Hercules’ Reeves, Jack LaLanne, and Joe Gold of Gold’s Gym. For a time, Muscle Beach was a pioneer, the only place on the SoCal shoreline where you could find on-site weightlifting equipment.

Muscle Beach Moved To Venice

After some turbulent years in the late 1950s, Santa Monica shut down Muscle Beach and many of its regulars moved to Venice Beach. The city of Los Angeles had added weightlifting equipment to Venice Beach, an area that became known as the ‘Weight Pen.’ Memberships are available from the park department. Not much has changed in the decades since, and Muscle Beach Venice is currently where bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts gather. The original Muscle Beach, located two miles north of Venice Beach, has been honored with a plaque just south of the Santa Monica Pier and sports several sets of gymnastic rings as an homage to its past.

Muscle Beach womens bodybuildng Gale 1st place

Gale: 1st place Miss Muscle Beach at age 53

Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Contests

The new Muscle Beach is home to the Muscle Beach Venice Bodybuilding Championships, which are held on Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.  The show is held outside on a stage next to the weight pen, and the promoter Joe Wheatley has made the contest a real bodybuilding contest and community event.  It’s also a great venue for your first foray into bodybuilding, figure, bikini or physique competition.  I have trained multiple clients to get 1st place at their first show here.  I myself won the open men’s superheavyweight class here on July 4, 2007.  Click the link to see my Muscle Beach competitors and find out more about the contests at

NABBA Miss Figure America and Miss Muscle Beach

Lejla won both NABBA Miss Figure America and Miss Muscle Beach!

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Mr. Muscle Beach 2014 July 4

Nick – Mr. Muscle Beach Physique Overall Champion July 4, 2014 – his second show!

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