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Just in Time – My 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Solution

Published on June 26, 2017 By Jason Kozma

Hey – Need to get a handle on yourself before fall? I’ve come up with a revolutionary 21 day fat destroying program specifically for the summer….     Marianne’s Testimonial “I am in Santa Monica for 6 weeks from Australia and wanted to find a trainer.I was so lucky that I found Jason Kozma on […]

Avoid Overtraining – Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

Published on July 12, 2015 By Jason Kozma

If you’re serious about your training, you may be at risk for overtraining. It’s an easy hole to fall into for those whol love to train, or those trying to make rapid progress. Working with a qualified personal trainer is one way to make sure your determination works for you and not against you. Overtraining […]

Overcoming Obstacles on Your Way to Fitness – Personal Trainer Venice

Published on August 6, 2010 By Jason Kozma

As the top Venice Personal Trainer, I know that it is a fact that losing weight can be quite easy if people put their minds to it. Unfortunately, that is the reason why most people cannot manage to shed their excess pounds. If a person’s mind is clouded, then that may be the reason why […]