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Santa Monica Personal Trainer Warns You About Sugar: Death’s Buddy!

Published on January 14, 2013 By Jason Kozma

The answer to this question just might surprise you – On which diet will a person live longer: one comprised of a mixture of sugar and water or one comprised only of water? Now for the surprising answer: the person consuming only water will live longer. Now that couldn’t possibly be right, could it? An […]

7 Behaviors of Fit, Healthy People | Malibu Personal Trainer

Published on October 9, 2010 By Jason Kozma

Lots of people ask me as a Master Personal Trainer how to quickly and easily get fit. While I know they are hoping for a simple answer, the reality is that getting in great shape and maintaining that body requires the commitment of your lifestyle, not a short duration program like army boot camp. So […]

Never Cheat Again…on Your Diet, That Is | Online Personal Training

Published on May 19, 2010 By Jason Kozma

Stay on Your Diet If you have trouble following your “diet’” on a consistent basis, it’s likely that one or two of these following points are true: 1. Your diet is poorly designed 2. You are not planning for your day Let’s dig into a poorly designed diet.  Your body has needs.  It needs a […]