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Here’s A Tip From A Personal Trainer: Processed Food Is Not Food

Published on April 12, 2014 By Jason Kozma

You could spend a significant amount of time reading diet books and websites to educate yourself on the proper way to eat. Let me save you a lot of effort with this one truth: Processed food is not food. Over thousands of years, our bodies have evolved to need things that actually grow — vegetables, fruits, […]

5 Tips To Reach Your Fitness Goals – Santa Monica Personal Trainer

Published on May 23, 2013 By Jason Kozma

Weight loss and larger muscles are two goals many people strive to achieve, yet only a few can say they have actually accomplished their goal. Unfortunately, most people are only motivated enough to start a routine, but never end up sticking with it and quit entirely after four or five days. If you give up, […]

LATEST BEST OF LA from CBS Los Angeles – Personal Trainer LA

Published on January 15, 2013 By Jason Kozma

They sourced me for this article! Local Los Angeles Personal Trainer’s Favorite Tips For A Beach Workout Los Angeles Trainer If you’re looking for ways to test your strength, get fit or just break from the norm in Los Angeles, here are a few tips from celebrated Los Angeles personal trainer and Mr. America 2004, Jason […]

You can’t do this – Personal Trainer in Los Angeles Challenges You

Published on January 7, 2013 By Jason Kozma

Personal Trainer in Los Angeles Weight loss is impossible! Of course this isn’t true; you’ve seen many people accomplish this feat. You cannot wish the weight away. You have to change the behaviors that cause you to not lose weight and to gain weight. Don’t expect any weight loss if you’re mind is more focused […]

Personal Trainer Benefits

Published on December 31, 2001 By Jason Kozma

Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer What is a player without a coach? What is a student without a teacher? What is a bodybuilder without a personal trainer? Exercise is good for all; however unplanned workouts can cause more harm than good. The benefits of working out with a personal trainer are worth reckoning, […]