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Los Angeles Personal Trainer | No More Excuses – Losing Weight Will Improve Your Life

Published on June 9, 2012 By Jason Kozma

People can come up with excuses all day to why they cannot find time to exercise. This can be because they just cannot find any free time at all, just don’t like to exercise or the fact that they are lazy and don’t have any reasons to. Well, below are a few good reasons why […]

Personal Trainer Explains Advantages of 4 day split versus 3-day split

Published on October 30, 2005 By Jason Kozma

The standard 3 day split is fine, and that’s what most of my personal training clients have done to get the results you see on the site. After a while, however, your body outgrows the 3-day split format and requires more stimulation for results. 3 day split advantages: 3 days of weights only, (less that […]

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