Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

christmas thong bikiniHoliday time is not always the best time to start a diet, right? Temptations are all around – at home, at the office, family dinners, holiday parties and more. But you don’t have to add all of those extra pounds if you plan carefully and amp up your workout.

3 Holidays Stay Fit Tips:

1: Drink plenty of water – especially if you’re heading to a cocktail party.

It’s ok to have a drink, but make sure you drink 2 glasses of water for every drink you have. Mineral water is o.k.
2: Eat before you go out.

Have a half portion of your normal meal and make sure you eat your veggies – no butter or oil. You’ll feel fuller and won’t be tempted to overeat.
3: Kick up your workout.

Add 30 – 60 minutes to your cardio routine each day. You’ll kick up your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day.

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What do you have to lose, except the extra weight?


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