Small Changes, Big Results

fitness memeFor those of you who read my blogs like the Bible, thanks for your support. For those of you who don’t, all of my blogs are available in the archives on my website, so start reading now! I’ve written in the past about how making small changes in your diet and lifestyle can quickly add up to big results. Substituting one food for another, or even one condiment for another can cut down on calories, sugars and fats. Getting 30 more minutes of sleep per night can help you feel rested, relaxed and ready for the day. As I’ve said, little things add up.

Depending upon where you live, you may have noticed an increase in dedicate bike lanes on major streets. In Santa Monica, where I live and train many of my clients, we take it one step further with bike sharing and bike rental programs. Biking to work or biking to do errands is one of those little steps which can really add up quickly. Instead of being sedentary, behind the wheel of your car, you can be active on your bicycle. Fresh air, sunshine and a little extra cardio can help you burn calories all day.

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Not everyone can bike to work, but chew on this fact: most car trips are within 3 miles of home. That’s a very easy distance on any type of bike. Next time you plan to grab a coffee from your favorite place, why not ride your bike rather than hop in the car? You’ll get a much more up close and personal view of your neighborhood and city.

Here are a few more reasons why hopping on your bike can give you a boost:

1: Save money on gas, auto insurance and car repairs
2: Avoid getting stuck in traffic
3: Reduce stress
4: Improve sleep
5: Cut down on CO2 by using less gasoline
6: Get a workout in while you commute
7: Burn extra calories throughout the day
8: Ride your bike to and from the gym for an added workout kick

bike path santa monicaTo get a good cardio boost, try doing sprints between traffic lights or stop signs. If your neighborhood has some hills, don’t avoid them, think of them as a challenge. Get off of your bike seat and really put the pedal to the metal and climb the hills.

OK, so you really need to expend some energy if you want a good workout on your bike. You may want to invest in a trail bike with multiple gears, rather than a beach cruiser. I’m also going to tell you to invest in a good helmet, regardless of the bike you’re riding. Yes, you may have helmet hair when you get to your destination, but chances are good you’ll arrive safe and sound and that’s the most important thing.

Most important of all, follow all traffic safety rules. They apply to cyclists as well as motorists. The last thing you want to have is a moving violation on your bike.

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