7 Foods to Avoid

The Top Seven Foods to Avoid for Life

You could be persistent with your exercise routine for months on end, but nothing will ever show for it if you continue to eat bad foods. If you’re already putting all of your effort into losing weight, then there is no excuse for being unable to avoid these top seven bad foods filled with empty calories.

starbucks caloriesAvoid: Blended Coffee Beverages
Blended coffee drinks have become a daily routine for most of us thanks to large coffee chains like Starbucks and McCafe. These drinks are packed with sugar and cream which goes straight to the stomach. Many people find these drinks addictive and hard to resist, but the results are well worth avoiding them entirely.

Replacement: Unsweetened Iced Tea and Coffee
If you must have coffee, try to get used to it black. Take away one packet of sugar per drink until you are used to the pure flavor. Iced tea is a great sugar-free alternative for those who must have a cold delight.

Avoid: Potato Chips
Munching on potato chips and snacks in general can become an unhealthy habit. Each chip consists of processed preservatives such as salt, trans fat, and absolutely no nutrition whatsoever. Just because the word potato is in the name, this doesn’t make it healthy.

Replacement: Baked Kale Chips
Kale chips are great replacements for any unhealthy snack. They are just like potato chips, except rather than preservatives a kale chip is made up of protein, fiber, and nutrients. They can be easily made at home by chopping kale into the size of chips, adding olive oil and salt, and then baking them for about fifteen minutes at three hundred degrees.

Avoid: Pasta and Bread
White foods such as pasta and bread are full of bad carbohydrates that will only cause you to gain weight. None of these foods are healthy even in small amounts. If your goal is to gain weight, then these will only prolong weight loss and muscle mass.

Replacement: Spaghetti Squash, Rice, and Whole-Grain Bread
If you just absolutely have to have a bowl of noodles, then try using spaghetti squash instead. Brown rice actually has nutritional value compared to the unhealthy white rice. Whole-grain bread also has vitamins and minerals unlike white bread which is made up of empty calories.

Avoid: Fast Food
The morning time is when people often fall for the fast food trap. When you are running late to work and have yet to grab food to eat, there is nothing more convenient than a quick fast food breakfast sandwich or biscuit at your favorite fast food restaurant. As you know, fast food contains substances that aren’t healthy for your weight or your health in general.

Replacement: Mini Muffins
Mini muffins are great for those on the go. They can be made on the weekend for the week ahead. There are so many recipes available, so you most likely won’t get bored of eating them even after months at a time. Be sure to pack snacks for the work day ahead to avoid purchasing snacks and chips at a vending machine.

Avoid: Granola Bars
These bars may be convenient and taste good, but unfortunately packaged granola bars have ingredients such as carbs and sugars that should be avoided when on a weight loss plan. Furthermore, one bar is not typically filling which is why most people consume two or three at once.

Replacement: Raw Seeds and Nuts
If you need a quick and healthy snack then raw seeds and nuts are the way to go. These are natural foods that benefit the body in so many ways and do not contain unhealthy sugars and fats like granola bars do.

Avoid: Salad Dressing
When you eat a salad, it is typical to feel good since you ate a healthy meal. Unfortunately, if you added salad dressing that you bought from the store then the salad is still considered fattening and unhealthy.

Replacement: Homemade Salad Dressing
To keep a salad healthy, you should make your own dressing at home. A quick and easy recipe calls for hemp seed oil, olive oil, sesame oil or flax seed oil, pepper, salt, vinegar, and dried or fresh herbs.

Avoid: Sweetened Fruity Yogurts
Although packages of yogurts advertise that there are fruit chunks in the yogurt, these chunks are not healthy in the least. Fruity, sweetened yogurts contain large amounts of unnatural sweeteners and preservatives such as corn syrup.

Replacement: Plain Yogurt with Fruit
If you want to lose weight with yogurt, then plain is the way to go. You can add any fruit that you want to the yogurt to give it a natural, sweet flavor. Plain yogurt with fruit is extremely healthy and will benefit you in more ways than one.

In order to lose weight as quick as possible, it is best to avoid the foods above and eat a healthy diet while on a vigorous exercise plan. My personal trainers are here to help you with your weight loss and muscle building goals. We will also provide a custom designed nutritional plan to help you achieve your fat loss or muscle building goals. Give me a call or send an email today to get started on the journey to change your lifestyle for the better.

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