Santa Monica Personal Trainer Reveals 5 Tips To Reach Your Fitness Goals

Weight loss and larger muscles are two goals many people strive to achieve, yet only a few can say they have actually accomplished their goal. Unfortunately, most people are only motivated enough to start a routine, but never end up sticking with it and quit entirely after four or five days. If you give up, then it’s over and you’ll never live in the body you want to be in. Persistence is the key to succeeding at anything in life, so stop letting negative thoughts and other activities distract you from your fitness goals.

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There are five tips to keep in mind when starting an exercise routine. The tips below will help inspire you to workout until you see your desired results.

Follow These 5 Tips

Tip #1: Why Do You Want to Achieve This Goal?

Whether it is to live healthier or look good, there is a reason why you want to start a fitness regime. Keeping your reasons in mind will help you realize the importance of the goals you’ve set out to accomplish. Write these reasons down on a piece of paper and stick them on your bathroom mirror in order to motivate yourself into exercising each day. Keep them in mind on days when you just don’t feel like moving, they will surely help you get over this feeling and it will go away completely once you start moving around.

Tip #2: Don’t Burn Yourself Out on the First Day

You have tons of motivation and you’re ready to workout as hard as you can, but over-training your body on the first day can really burn you out quick. Many people exercise at extreme intensities for long periods of time at first resulting in a week of rest soon after. Eventually this week turns into a month and hopes of losing weight and building muscle are long gone by then. The body is not used to physical activity, so that means you should at a slow pace. Take your time when starting out; you’ll be able to increase the intensity in no time.

Tip #3: Decide on Only One Goal

It can be easy to set goals, but having too many of them can start to be overwhelming. Attempting to achieve them all can be difficult and discouraging if you are unable to reach the smaller goals because the larger ones are taking time away from them. There may be many features you want to change about yourself, but you’ll only cause unneeded pressure if you try to change all of these features at once. Decide on only one goal for now and go for it. Once you have achieved one you can then move on to working toward your next goal.

Tip #4: Keep Your Goal in Mind

Thinking about how you’ll feel once you have reached your goal will help you through the tough times. It will also help you keep your mind focused on the exercise at hand. You really need to try to feel those future emotions of accomplishment, though reaching your goal will give you a feeling much more invigorating than you could ever imagine.

Tip #5: Work with a Professional

Rather than spend your money on a diet or program that isn’t guaranteed to work, it would be much wiser to invest in something that will guarantee success. Hiring a great personal trainer will do just that. A great personal trainer will create a customized fitness and nutritional plan that is based on your body type, current fitness level, and goals. Working with one of my Santa Monica personal trainers will not only help you reach your goal as fast as possible, but they will also keep you motivated the entire time.

Do you want to live in the body of an improved version of yourself? The only way to achieve such a feat is to be persistent and take your fitness endeavors seriously. Give me a call or send an email right now to get started on working towards a better you.

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