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Matt: Personal fitness trainer to Hollywood and surrounding areas

Hollywood Personal Trainer

Bored with the same old workout? Can’t find time to get fit? Want to know what Hollywood stars do to get in shape fast? Sign up with Matt, my Personal Trainer in Hollywood!

Never out of fashion, high intensity workouts are always in demand for those with a few pounds to lose: from brides to tough guys. Conveniently located all around the city,  my Los Angeles personal trainers workouts are fast, fun and burn a lot of calories. And, you see results fast!

Experts say the main advantage of these workouts is the intensity that elevates post-workout metabolism and helps with fast fat loss, agility and balance. They say it is also easier for people to focus on a four-week period of daily workouts and give it their all instead of thinking about going to the gym for a year.

So what exactly happens with one of my personal trainers and how can it help you?

1) The workouts are short, usually around 60 minutes

2) Each day works a different part of the body with an emphasis on strength, endurance and shaping

3) Exercises are different and fun

4) You don’t need to worry about equipment

5) They can fit into any schedule

Working with one of my team personal trainers is such a great way to get lose weight and tone your body is because they provide structure and consistency. Structure is very important when you begin any exercise regimen, and consistency helps your body burn fat faster. He will enlist a variety of resistance exercises such as stability balls, resistance bands, dumbbells and plyometrics. Every day you build endurance. And of course, we can’t overlook the significant health benefits. The workouts increase cardiovascular strength as well. Weight bearing exercise help reduce risk of osteoporosis and increase bone density.

Everyone knows that motivation is the key to success. My personal trainers help you with the motivation you need to stay consistent with intense and fun workouts.


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Bodybuilding: Got Muscle Confusion?

This is an advanced bodybuilding concept.  If you are not a full lifestyle weightlifter – trainee, you should not read or use this.

If you have been stuck in your progress in the gym, you should start changing up your routine: bodypart split, exercises, rep goals and rep tempo.  That’s what advanced bodybuilders like myself do!

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