I Challenge You To Make A New YOU Resolution

Does yours look like this yet?

Does yours look like this yet?

The holiday season means tons of delicious meals, meals that consist of foods that will cause you to gain a pound or twenty. During this time there are more parties and events than usual, making it the best time to socialize and eat and a bad time for your “new you” goals. As the top Personal Trainer in Beverly Hills, I’ve to come up with a plan that will keep you from consuming all of this bad food in order to maintain your weight.

You gain weight during the holidays because of all of those carbohydrates and sugar contained in seasonal foods. In order to avoid gaining a lot of weight, you’ll need to eat especially lean  and healthy, but still allow yourself a holiday treat here and there so it’s easier to resist in the long run.

What You Should Eat

Lean meats, fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are what you should eat more of this season. Make sure to eat a ton of salad when available at parties. There are usually vegetables trays on every table, so it is best to fill yourself up with that instead of the unhealthy appetizers. Potatoes should be avoided though as they contain a lot of starch. Fruit is a delicious and healthy alternative to the typical holiday sweets. Nuts and seeds are also healthy to snack on throughout the day as well. When it’s time for the main course, usually consisting of meat, be sure to grab a piece that is either roasted or baked, never fried.

The Treats

It’s going to be tough to be extra healthy this season, which is why it is important to allow yourself a little treat now and again. Be moderate and only have a little bit when you do though. A few candies, small cup of eggnog, small cup of alcohol, vegetables containing starch, a thin slice of cake, and one or two cookies are good examples of a delicious treat. Only allow two treats per day and never pass that number.  It’s a good idea to eat a meal before going to a party so you don’t show up hungry and fill up on treats.

The Importance of Exercise

The amount of exercise you do should also be increased during this season. Make it happen despite that fact that it may be hard to find the time during the busy holidays.  Most people tend to avoid working out at this time of year because of the fact it is time to party and celebrate, though this is not what you should do. If you want to maintain or even better lose weight this season, you will have to stick to your workout routine.

It may be harder than you imagined keeping your body in shape this season, so it may be wise to consult with a personal trainer. I can support you not only through the holidays, but year-round and will guide you step-by-step to the body of your dreams. Give me a call today so we can get started on creating a fitness plan designed for you.


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