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Casey lost 40 lbs!

So What’s Your Plan?

Throw those New Year’s resolutions out, if you’ve made them at all. Every New Year, most of us make a list, even if it’s just in our heads, of all of the things we’re going to do differently “this year:”

  • Lose weight
  • Get in shape
  • Fit into my skinny jeans
  • Eat right
  • Get more sleep

And the list goes on…

How many of us really stick to our resolutions and make any progress? Not many. You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to make significant changes in your life this year. When you really think about it, you don’t need a resolution, you need a plan. You need an ACTION plan.

For anyone who watches or plays sports, you know what I’m talking about. An athlete doesn’t just run onto the court, or out on the field without knowing in his, or her ,head how to play the game. There’s always a coach and always a plan. The coach knows what the athlete needs to do and how he, or she, needs to execute the plan. The same goes for anyone who wants to get in shape.

It’s not enough to tell yourself you want to lose weight, eat right, etc…You need a plan. Better yet, you need a coach. Who better than me, or one of my High Performance Personal Trainers, to create your personal transformation plan and give you the support you need to meet your goals? We create custom workouts and nutrition plans to help you meet your goals successfully. Check out my new site to see amazing transformations of real people, not models or actors, who have met and exceeded their health and fitness goals. They look and feel great, and so can you. Contact me today to take your next step to health and fitness.

Don’t Miss Out! My 8 Week “New You 2017” Body Transformation Program

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking if I am going to run another special program for the new year. Truth is, I’m not sure I have time. So what can I do?

I figured to help those out who have emailed I needed a program that delivers awesome results with some serious fat loss in the waist, hips and buns but…

Client before and after samples

Client before and after samples, click for more!

I know time is a consideration for everyone these days but I wanted to make sure I was taking care of my clients. I went back to the mad scientist lab and created an all new 8 Week “New You 2017” Body Transformation Program that’s an exact match for what you are looking for (if you want fast and permanent results, that is.)

You probably know that my High Performance Trainers and I are pretty full but we can fit in a few more dedicated people.

So before I broadcast this out to the world I wanted to give my readers first crack and let you know that my NEW 8 Week “New You 2017” Body Transformation Program is now available and the best part is that I’m giving the first four personal training clients to sign up my 8 Week Program  a 9th week free!  Trust me – more time = more results!

That’s right. If you are in the first four clients to sign up, you get the personal training workouts plus my 20+ years fat-destroying experience in the trenches, all my hard-earned tricks and knowledge for $225-510 off.

Do you have to do or be anything special to get this deal?


Goose Egg.


Just be quick!

The 8 Week “New You 2017” Body Transformation Program is available in personal training and online personal training format.

Go here to check out the options and client results!

The deal is that the both mine and the High Performance Trainer’s schedules are already tight and and I estimate we together can only take on 9 more personal training clients. So if you’re ready to blast off that holiday (or just plain old 2016 weight), fit into those skinny jeans once more and want to tighten up your body while simultaneously dumping pounds and inches then make darn sure to sign up for our 8 Week “New You 2017” Body Transformation Program.

Here’s how to sign up…

Sign up below to get on board now – the free 9th week discount has already been applied! (I’ll change the options when the first 4 discounted spots are taken)

Details about the 8 Week “New You 2017” Body Transformation Program:

  • 3 days per week of personal training (1 hour sessions)
  • 6 days per week of fat burning cardio (duration according to client’s needs)
  • Custom designed eating plan that tells you exactly what to eat when to eat it – NOT a starvation diet: you’ll eat more on my plan and lose fat more quickly that you ever thought possible! Don’t worry, you won’t be hungry!
  • Complete metabolic turnaround in 21 days, total body metamorphosis in 8 weeks.

Offer closed – check back later!

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More questions?
Just use the contact form and call and let me know that you want to know more about the 8 Week “New You 2017” Body Transformation Program and I’ll get you all dialed in and ready to start!


Returning clients get special deals – contact me for deets!!


Wait – What if you don’t care about getting lean –

You want to get big?

Build muscle and strength?

No problem!  Just reach out and I’ll create a program for you too!


PS: Live in the South Bay?  Check out my Manhattan Beach personal trainer site!



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