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Never Cheat Again…on Your Diet, That Is

Stay on Your Diet

healthy mealIf you have trouble following your “diet'” on a consistent basis, it’s likely that one or two of these following points are true:

1. Your diet is poorly designed

2. You are not planning for your day

Let’s dig into a poorly designed diet.  Your body has needs.  It needs a certain number of calories.  It is also seeking specific nutrients.  If you don’t meet those needs, it’s going to make you meet them through the release of hunger hormones.  It will also slow down your metabolic rate so that it doesn’t require as many calories to survive.

A properly designed diet (like my Online Personal Training program) does not work simply through caloric restriction, but is designed to steadily increase your metabolic rate by eating the right foods at the right time.  If your diet is planned correctly and you eat on time, you should not be hungry (or at least not ravenous) which is what leads people to cheat.

Now let’s deal with not planning for your day. It’s not possible to follow a properly designed diet “on the fly”.  You will miss meals, mess up feeding times, and end up eating foods that are not on point of you don’t have your meals planned or brought with you for your day.

weight loss food prepIt doesn’t have to be overly intricate.  Anyone can make breakfast at home in 15 minutes or less.  A couple of protein drinks, handheld vegetables and fruits can cover your mid morning and afternoon snacks, while you can bring regular lunch and dinner meals if necessary in tupperware.  Salad, rice cakes and a can of tuna can be an acceptable “sit down” meal.

Trust me, if you eat your meals on time, you won’t be hungry, and the diet is easy to follow if you aren’t hungry.

Having a preplanned cheat meal once a week or every 10 days can give you something to look forward to.  It’ll be enough to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Fat Fighting Foods – Santa Monica Weight Loss

Nina Agdal in bikini eating a burger

Burgers are not fat fighting foods.

5 Fat Fighting Foods

There are many people who remain skinny while eating crap and never exercising, yet you’re still overweight after eating right and exercising daily. The problem may have to do with your metabolic rate. The people who eat junk food all day, yet remain skinny, have a high metabolic rate which means that their body burns foods about as fast as they consume it. Of course eating like that wouldn’t be a good idea in the long-run and can lead to many problems. Regardless, there are healthy foods out there that can boost your metabolic rate. Below are the top five foods you should buy to speed up your metabolism. Mixed with proper exercise this is a sure-fire way to lose weight.

1. Cayenne Peppers

Spicy foods in general are a great way to get your metabolic rate up, but cayenne peppers are the best of the bunch. Peppers contain a substance called capsaicin, which causes the degeneration of fat cells in the body. Eating spicy foods will result in a higher body temperature that will make your body work and burn calories in order to cool it off. Peppers are the most popular way to lose weight.

2. Salmon

Eating salmon will increase your overall metabolic rate, but there are other weight loss benefits as well. Because of the high amount of Omega-3 in Salmon, you will feel full longer after eating it which will prevent the possibility of over-eating. Omega-3 also increases blood flow. It is recommended that you consume at least two servings a week.

3. Strawberries

The liver is responsible for releasing toxins that can slow down your metabolic rate. Strawberries are an effective way to prevent this because they benefit the liver which will prevent the toxins from being released.

4. Whole Grains

Most people tend to buy white bread, which is a completely refined and processed food that is very unhealthy for your body. Of course this means that these foods can be responsible for any extra weight you may have. It is suggested that you switch to whole grain foods instead. When you consume a whole grain food, you body has to work more to break down the vitamins and nutrients, thus boosting your metabolism. This is beneficial to weight loss as well as general health.

5. Green Tea

Our fifth food isn’t a food at all, it’s a beverage. You may have heard the green tea is great for weight loss. While this is true, it is specifically great for increasing your metabolism. Don’t drink too much though due to the caffeine. One-two cups per day is optimal.

With a mixture of the above foods, you’ll surely boost your metabolism up to a level that will cut your excess weight. Nutrition isn’t everything though. You will need a diet that contains these foods as well as an intensive exercise program designed to cut weight. There are many options for personal training in the area, so when looking for a great personal trainer, make sure they have a proven track record of client success.

8 Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss

It seems like every week there is new information available about the most nutritious foods or the very best way to lose weight. Navigating the field to find the best nutrition for weight loss can be very challenging, so it helps to have a professional like Jason Kozma available to you! Read the nutrition tips below and then contact Jason to set up a personalized nutrition plan that will help you meet your goals.

1) Slow down. It can take 20 minutes for your brain to register feeling full, so eating too quickly often means eating too much. Slow down, savor the food you are eating, and you may find that you eat less in the process.

2) Use a smaller plate. Playing mind games works! Using a smaller plate helps you eat appropriate portions of food, and also makes you think you are eating as much or more than if the same amount was on a bigger plate.

healthy breakfast

3) Eat breakfast. A breakfast with plenty of protein and fiber will keep you satisfied all morning and help you follow your nutrition plan for the rest of the day.

4) Enjoy an occasional treat. Savoring small treats — an ounce of dark chocolate, for example — will help you avoid the danger of overindulging in off-limit foods.

5) Turn off the TV. When you are eating, don’t engage in other activities like TV watching or reading. Focusing on your meal will help you stop when you are full, instead of mindlessly eating more calories than you intend to.

6) Eat water-filled foods. These foods help you feel full, and usually offer vitamins and minerals to boot: watermelon, cucumbers, soups, and salads (go easy on the dressing!).

7) Go nuts. Nuts like pistachios and almonds can help drive weight loss, so feel free to add a small amount to your daily snack or meal. Be aware of the high calorie content of nuts, and use them as a garnish or small snack.

8) Boost your fiber intake. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains should comprise a portion of your daily food intake, and they boast high fiber content that will keep you feeling full.

Isabelle Fuhrman and trainer

Jason is available for your initial nutrition consultation, and will get you started on an exercise and nutrition plan to help you lose weight and meet your goals. He is a certified sports nutritionist and has the expertise to help you fuel your health and fitness endeavors.  Check out his Santa Monica weight loss page and contact us today to get started!


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