Mr. Olympia 2010 preview – The View from Venice Gold’s

Mr. Olympia 2010 is upon us and is sure to have all the excitement and drama of previous years, plus the added benefit of even more HOT girls with the addition of the Pro Bikini division to the IFBB! I train at Gold’s Gym Venice and of course come into contact with the resident IFBB pro’s.  I’m going to preview some whom I know personally and what I know about them as they go into this year’s Superbowl of Bodybuilding, the 2010 Mr. Olympia :

Olympia 2010 preview

Sherlyn RoySherlyn RoySherlyn Roy

As one of my High Performance Team Trainers, I can’t help but be biased towards this little powerhouse.

Since switching from figure to bikini, I think she looks even better than before, which was awesome!!So I’m going with awesomer.It’s my blog.I can make up my own words f I want. She qualified for the O via her 3rd place award at the 2010 New York Pro Bikini. Sherlyn is really cool and has a great sense of humor.Talk to her for 3 minutes and you’ll be laughing your ass off. Not many chicks like this running around.

Anca MarcusAnca MarcusAnca Marcus

The Uber-Sexy Anca trains at my gym in Santa Monica rather than Gold’s Venice, and bikini division was made for her. An IFBB pro via the Romanian IFBB, she entered the 2010 Tournament of Champions Pro Bikini and placed an O-qualifying 3rd, being out several established names!

In case you think Anca is just a chick in a bikini, she has placed in the top 10 at the 2007 Miss Bikini America, Top 10 at The 2008 Miss Bikini Universe and then on to win the bikini class and overall at the 2009 NPC Orange County Muscle Classic. She also took 2nd the following month at the 2009 NPC Bodybuilding Championships.

She is a well known fitness model gracing the pages of magazines like: Flex, Planet Muscle, Max Sports and Fitness, Glutes, BTM, Fit Models International and more. You may have seen her playing football as a running back in the infamous Lingerie Bowl or even a body double model, casting for Angelina Jolie and Courtney Cox.

Dexter JacksonDexter Jackson

I have not actually seen Dexter myself (he’s done by the time I get there), but Charles Glass has been training him for about a month and he says that Dexter is bigger than ever (240) and just as sharp. I still think he’s a contender for the top spot. When Dex won in 2008 at the age of 39 I thought it was great, fair and a signal for a new direction in the sport: One of proportion over size. Time will tell if this bears out…

Stan McQuay

Stan McQuayIn the 202 class, Stan has classic lines and proportion and what I think most of us are training for.  Stan has put on a good amount of size since his win at the 2009 Pro Dexter Jackson Classic and I think he’ll make a strong showing.  Apples and oranges versus the massive Kevin English.

by Jason Kozma


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