Mr. America’s Superhero Body Transformation Program

I thought I should bring back my Superhero Body Transformation Challenge!

Hey whether you like the Marvel Comics movies or not (I sure as heck do) or if you like superhero movies or not, pretty much everybody wants to have a superhero’s body. (If you don’t, you are lame and should NOT be reading my stuff!)

avengers personal trainer

Superhero Body Transformation clients and trainer

Mr. America – still better than Captain America

Mr. America vs Captain America
Me being Mr. America (still clinically proven to be BETTER than Captain America – click here for proof)
I’ve got a way for you to finally do it and get your best body ever!  – It’s my:

8 Week Superhero Body Transformation Program

For Men and Women

  • Destroy fat alarmingly fast!
  • Shape and contour the body for maximum visual effect
  • Radically increase strength, flexibility, quickness and fitness
Client before and after samples

Client before and after samples, click for more!

Hey: beach season is right around the corner – time to get off your duff!

Available in personal training and online personal training formats

Testimonials (hidden by Yelp)

I’m four weeks into my online training and so happy with my results so far Jason. I feel “thin” for the first time since I trained with you a decade ago.

Heather L.
Hendersonville, TN



Investing in Jason’s program was one of the best decision I’ve made. It turns out I really invested in myself. i expected tough workouts and a solid diet regiment. I got a lifestyle change instead.

This program turned out to be more than “one more rep” type motivation. We reviewed my progress weekly and jason recommended modifications along the way to help me achieve my goal.

I’m definitely a different person on the outside. But, more importantly, i carry a different mentality about health and fitness. It’s not a chore.

Also, I had to get my cholesterol/glucose/BP checked this week for work and the doctor said my numbers couldn’t be more perfect. I know it’s because of your diet because my numbers have never been so good.

Daryl B.
Los Angeles, CA

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