Client Testimonials that Yelp refuses to display

Client Testimonials (that Yelp refuses to display)

Jason Kozma is hands down the best trainer out there. I played Division 1 volleyball in college and then became a fitness instructor myself post-college, so I’ve experienced several different trainers throughout my athletic and personal life, but NONE compare to Jason. His programs actually work!!! His results speak for themselves – after just 8 weeks of training with Jason, I’ve dropped 12 pounds and lowered by body fat from 22% to 12%!!!!!!!! Even more importantly, I feel better than ever both mentally and physically. My daily energy level is at an all-time high due to his nutrition plan and I am leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been. He sincerely takes the time to understand your personal goals and develops a program for you that is hand-tailored to achieve those goals. He is extremely intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable in the fields of body building, body sculpting and nutrition and thus has the ability to sculpt your body into the shape you desire. He is also very professional and respectful, has never missed a session and is always on-time. While you are training with Jason, he gives you his full attention to ensure that you are using the correct form during each exercise and motivate you to put in the work to achieve your best self. I truly feel like a new person since I started training with Jason. In a nutshell – JASON IS THE BEST!

Michele K., Santa Monica, CA

I am on week 3 of 8 training with Jason. I am down 2 dress sizes and 20lbs. Spending time and money with Jason works it’s that simple. 

He is a focused trainer who translates his experience to your level and current health. I was in bad shape weight and even flexibility wise when I first started with Jason. Now I feel better than I have felt in years. 

I had tried to get going in the gym before and found it difficult and overwhelming. Jason has already instilled in me key tools and skills to use workout time properly. 

He steps above the crowd for me because he firm and fair. He ensures I am training safely and balances that with ensuring I work as hard as possible. I did lots of research across yelp and google let me save you some time and give Jason a call.

Charlotte R. Playa del Rey, CA

Santa Monica Personal Training put me back on track! – Before I found SMPT, I worked out 6 times a week and ‘thought’ I was eating healthy; so when I couldn’t drop the inches I wanted to, I felt discouraged.  That’s when I decided I needed to get an expert’s help & signed up for SMPT’s 8-week personal training & food program.  Jason set me up with an amazing personal trainer in my area and a diet fit to my weight/height & weight loss needs.  I was very impressed with the attention Jason gave me throughout the program – checking in on my diet, training & cardio on a weekly basis and making adjustments when needed to ensure ultimate weight loss.  Week by week I saw my measurements decrease…In 8 weeks time I lost 11 inches!  I feel so much more confident and love how toned my body looks.  I can now slip into my jeans that I haven’t been able to fit into in 2 years!  SMPT definitely helped give me that extra push that I needed to turn my bod & diet back around.  – Kimberly

Kimberly A. West Hollywood, CA

25lb weight lossI’m four weeks into my online training and so happy with my results so far Jason. I feel “thin” for the first time since I trained with you a decade ago.

Also, I had to get my cholesterol/glucose/BP checked this week for work and the doctor said my numbers couldn’t be more perfect. I know it’s because of your diet because my numbers have never been so good.

Heather Lake, Hendersonville, TN


girl weight trainingTraining with Jason was awesome!!!I worked out for a month during summer and saw changes in my body, got stronger and overall felt better.  It’s not easy and even though i haven’t reached my goals, training with him just motivates me to carry on.  Jason thanks to you I will have a new lifestyle and I will train harder. I cant thank you enough! Oh! And I will probably be back…

Stephania G. Mexico City, MX


over 40 absInvesting in Jason’s program was one of the best decision I’ve made.  It turns out I really invested in myself.  i expected  tough workouts and a solid diet regiment.  I got a lifestyle change instead.

This program turned out to be more than “one more rep” type motivation.  We reviewed my progress weekly and jason recommended modifications along the way to help me achieve my goal.

I’m definitely a different person on the outside.  But, more importantly, i carry a different mentality about health and fitness.  It’s not a chore.

Daryl B. Los Angeles, CA 

woman body recompositionHave I expressed my GRATITUDE yet?! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I look so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can’t stop trying on all my clothes and GAWKING at the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the first time in my life I don’t care what the scale reads.  I am actually excited that my weight has remained the same (steady at 117.8) because it shows I am losing fat AND gaining muscle. Before all I cared about was the number on the scale to show how much fat I had lost because I didn’t know how to get muscle on me.  I am usually 118-122 anyway. AND, 118 NEVER looked like this!!!!!!!!!
I have been for you for 2 weeks…2 weeks and I already get these results?!?!?! I can’t even imagine what I will look like in the upcoming weeks!!!!!!
Please ask me for a testimonial when we’re done with our 8 weeks. Actually, you may want to ask for one now because I am already becoming speechless! =]

Carolina T. Tarzana, CA

I have worked out with at least 20 personal trainers. Jason Kozma is the best in LA! He has excellent customer service, great workouts, and you won’t find this type of experience anywhere else.

James F. Minneapolis, MN

I just finished a 12-week online program and am writing to second all of the good things that reviewers have said about Jason.

My work schedule is pretty unpredictable, so I decided to go with the online training option.  Jason designed a plan for me and every week I would send him in my diet and exercise logs.  He would read these closely and email me back with feedback and suggestions.  When Jason noticed that my legs were my weakest body part, he suggested that I come in for an in-person session to show me the ropes.  We came up with a new plan for legs that produced immediate results, which makes me wonder how much more progress I would have made had I been able to schedule live training sessions with him.

Anyway, after twelve weeks, I’ve lost 16 pounds and my body fat percentage has dropped from 14% to a little over 5%.  The only thing I wanted when I decided to sign-up with Jason was results, and he was able to deliver.  That’s really the highest compliment that I can pay him.    

If you’re serious about getting results, give Jason a call.

Andrew C. Manhattan Beach CA

female bodybuilding over 50When I was 53, I won the Venice Beach body building contest master’s division because of Jason Kozma.  I am a nurse by profession, not some disciplined, driven athlete.  His heartfelt encouragement gave me the courage and his training techniques, that were, quite frankly not that difficult gave me THE body!  If you do what he says, you will get what you want – plus! Jason really cares about results for you , not so common in the training world I have found.  Don’t put it off, it is never too late to win the body battle, and with Jason’s help it will happen sooner than you think!

Gale M. Pacific Palisades, CA


after pregnancy weight loss


post baby weight lossJason combines his thorough expertise of weight training and nutrition, with his wit and understanding of training challenges, to help you achieve your physical goals.  I successfully lost my pregnancy weight and even got in better shape with him helping me.  I’ve tried every diet and exercise regime out there and I finally achieved my goals with Jason.  Even though I can no longer trek to Santa Monica to workout with Jason I keep coming back to the knowledge base he gave me in order to have the body I want.

Cara L. Topanga CA


Jason Kozma is the real deal!  After years of personal training without significant results and trying every fad diet and gimmick in the latest diet book or random women’s fitness magazine…I realized that what I was doing was not working.  Calling Jason changed my life–I’m serious–I never thought I could actually transform my shape.  MY RESULTS  –  I finally lost 12.5 lbs of fat and brought my body fat down from about 22% to 14%.  Hello size 26 True Religion jeans at last!  I’ve learned how to eat well, workout efficiently — and best of all, how to maintain it .  Jason’s knowledge comes from years of personal experience as a bodybuilding and fitness trainer.  (He is Mr. America for God’s sake!)  He sits down with you and customizes a fitness and nutrition program to YOUR specific needs and adjusts it every step of the way, as needed.  

If you can relate to being in an endless diet cycle without results, give Jason a call and get ready to get in the best shape of your life.  His knowledge and your sweat and commitment will get you the results you want!  I highly recommend him and his staff.

Brenna B. Santa Monica, CA

Jason’s program in fantastic! If you are serious about getting in shape and reaching your goals, Jason is the trainer in LA who is prepared to do that. It is not easy to find someone so committed and knowledgeable and Jason exceeded all my expectations. It is definitely worth it and you will be so happy with your decision!

Jessica G. Santa Monica, CA

Before I started training with Jason, my stomach was spilling over my size 40 jeans.  Now those same jeans free fall without a belt.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just getting skinny.  I’ve packed on quite a few pounds of lean muscle mass too.  This is a lot fun.  You’ve got to get to Eastman Gym in Santa Monica and train with Mr. America, Jason Kozma.  You’ll thank yourself.

Jeff A. Los Angeles, CA

I trained with Jason for five years. I was 55 when we started and I thought I just needed to “get in shape.” Jason motivated me to do much more than that and he helped me to a level of strength and fitness I had never had in my 20s! If you want a sympathetic ear, look elsewhere. If you want to get serious, go with Jason.

Richard P. Santa Fe, NM



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