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2012 olympics tennisCoverage by Santa Monica Personal Training correspondent Jill: So far, the London 2012 Olympic Games have been an amazing feat of organization, co-operation and execution. The amount of planning and work it takes to bring an event like this together is unbelievable. And all most of us have to do is just show up and watch. The years of preparation and sacrifice of each of the athletes is amazing. It all comes to a peak every four years. We’re all familiar with the major sports like swimming, soccer, cycling, track and field, gymnastics and basketball, but what about some of the less well-known sports such as field hockey, handball, volleyball or rowing? The amount of conditioning, training, eating right and getting sleep is equally important regardless of sport.

Walking around the Olympic venues is incredible. The amount of team/country spirit here is overwhelming. The excitement from the crowds at every event is wonderful. Even a sport as sedate as Fencing is filled with rabid fans of each of the teams. Yelling, cheering, flag waving and fist pumping seems to be pretty universal, regardless of country.

Not training for the Olympics? That’s no excuse. You still need to eat right, work out and get sleep to be at your best – in life, not just in sports. Looking to get into shape and start feeling your best? Contact us today to put together a custom workout and eating plan that’s right for you.


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Olympic Ab Workout

Hey gang, I’m fired up!!!

Every 4 years I get fired up about the Olympics. I am always able to find stories of athletes to inspire me to greater things both in life and in the gym.

Now, I hate to break it to you, but chances are you will never be in the Olympics. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the body of an Olympian (it just takes a little work.)

Here is an at-home / do anywhere ab workout inspired by multiple gold medal winner in Beach Volleyball (hopefully another in a few days) and mother of 2 Kerri Walsh.

Knock this sucker out while watching the Kerri and her team mate Misty May dig & spike their way to another US gold this weekend and earn your own gold medal Olympic abs

Kerri Walsh
Personal Trainer Jason


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