4 Steps How to Start Working Out

Starting something new is always challenging. A new job. A new school. A new relationship. Even people with tons of self-confidence can feel apprehensive when starting something new. One of the most intimidating things for anyone can be starting a new workout or joining a new gym. No one wants to feel self-conscious, especially if they’re trying something new.

Allow me to give you 4 helpful hints to make your new workout a success.

dumbbell rack1. Do Your Research: Find a gym that’s right for you. Not just right for your budget, but right for your lifestyle and workout needs. If you’re someone who likes to workout very early in the morning or very late at night, make sure your gym offers the hours you need. If you plan to take a lot of classes, find a gym that offers the classes you’d like to try and see if you can get a 7 day guest pass to try the classes out before you sign up for a membership. If you prefer to workout with people of a similar age group, make sure you check out the gym during peak hours to see who will be sharing your workout time.

2. Pay Attention: When you’re at the gym, look around and see what’s going on in your environment. Is everyone doing fast-paced, high-energy workouts when you’re looking for something a bit more sedate? Even the little details matter. If you hate bringing your own towels to the gym, then make sure the gym has a towel service. Simple things how clean the changing rooms and restrooms are can make a big difference. If the gym facilities and equipment don’t look clean, then you know they definitely aren’t clean.

Isabelle Fuhrman elastic band curls3. Find the Right Workout: Think about what you want to achieve with your workout. What are your goals? What are your capabilities? If you’re starting from a place of relative inactivity, don’t try a spin class or a high intensity group workout right away. Start slowly, by building up your core muscles and cardiovascular strength. I like to say “Crawl, Walk, Run.” You don’t start out training for a marathon by running 20 miles for your first workout. When you lift weights you should be able to do three sets of 10 – 12 reps of a single exercise, taking a 30 second rest between sets. Your muscles should feel fatigued. If 10 – 12 reps seems easy, add a small increment of weight for the next set.

4. Ask for Help: Don’t ask every person in the gym to help you adjust the equipment, or demonstrate an exercise. Get help. Work with a personal trainer to show you how to exercise properly, adjust equipment correctly, even which order to do your exercises matters. It’s worth the investment in a certified personal trainer to know what you’re doing and how to do it, in order to achieve the results you want. Contact me today for a consultation and get your body and health back on track.

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Matt leg pressing 1300 lbs

Matt leg pressing 1300 lbs!

Sample Exercise: Hammer Curls

hammer curl

Hammer curls focus on the outer biceps, which is why it is a great exercise to use along with the dumbbell and concentration curl. It’s performed similarly to the dumbbell curl, except your palms will be facing each other.

Stand up straight, hold a dumbbell in each hand, and keep your arms to the side. Now raise one dumbbell up towards your shoulder while keeping your palm faced towards your side. Once you reach the point where the arm can no longer bend, slowly lower it back down and repeat with the opposite arm. The recommended number of reps depends on your current fitness level, but will generally be eight to twelve. An alternative way of performing this exercise would be to curl both arms at the same time.


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