6 Ways To Stay Lean During The Holidays

It feels like it’s still summer where I live here in Santa Monica, so I can’t believe the holidays are almost here.   But they are.  They creep up on you, just like the extra pounds you put on every holiday season.  Isn’t it time you break the cycle of unwanted pounds every November and December?  How about you make your New Year’s resolution now – to maintain your healthy eating and lifestyle throughout the year? Come New Year’s Day, you won’t fear stepping on the scale.   I’m feeling generous this time of the year. I’ll even give you some of my most helpful, and healthful, holiday hints.

How To Stay Lean During The Holidays

healthy meal1:  Remember to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day.  Every day.  Not just around the holidays.  Get your body into the habit of eating small meals so you’re never left feeling “starved” and over-eat to compensate for your hunger pangs.   Your metabolism works better when you eat throughout the day.  You’ll feel less temptation as you pass by the piles of holiday cookies and candy at the office and the big holiday buffet dinners and cocktail parties.

2:  Drink water throughout the day.  Drink your regular 64 ounces of water every day and remember to drink more when you’re having an adult beverage, or two.  Not only will drinking water keep you feeling fuller, but it will keep you hydrated as well. If you’ve had one too many beers or glasses of holiday cheer, the extra hydration will help keep you from feeling hung over the next day.

fun exercise3:  Make time for your workouts.  I don’t just mean an extra walk around the block to walk off your holiday meal.  I mean your full workout – weights, cardio and stretching.  You know you feel better when you’ve worked out.  You know you look better, too.  Get your full workout in before going to any holiday event.   Feel free to take a long walk after you’ve eaten as well, to keep your metabolism revved up and your body burning more calories. Whatever you do, don’t skip your workouts now.  In fact, let’s jump to my next hint.

4:  Increase your workouts this time of the year.  Summer’s over.  It’s time to hibernate. No one’s going to see you in your swimsuit or shorts for months. It’s ok to slack off a bit, right? WRONG!  Now’s the time to kick your workout into high gear.  Burn more calories!  Increase your intensity!  Don’t let your body go into hibernation mode.  This is the perfect time to add a new challenge to your fitness routine. If you’re kicking butt 5 or 6 days a week now, you don’t have to worry about trying to get back into shape in the New Year. You’ll already be in great shape FOR the New Year.

5:  Moderation is your friend.  I’m not trying to be a Grinch here.  I enjoy the holidays as much as everyone else. But I don’t let myself eat, or drink, with abandon and neither should you. Yes, you can have a bite of this and a taste of that, a drop of this and a sip of that. But don’t let those bites, tastes, drops and sips turn into platefuls and glassfuls of unwanted, useless calories and pounds.

6: Get acupuncture.  Acupuncture promotes the healthy function of the body by balancing your organ’s functions.  Regardless of your opinion on the subject, balance is good when it comes to your organ and energy function.  Here’s my acupuncturist referral: Acupuncture Los Angeles

Take my advice this holiday season and you’ll feel happy, healthy and fit for the New Year.  Contact me today to create a customized workout and nutrition plan that works for you.

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