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fit healthy peopleLots of people ask me as a Master Personal Trainer how to quickly and easily get fit. While I know they are hoping for a simple answer, the reality is that getting in great shape and maintaining that body requires the commitment of your lifestyle, not a short duration program like army boot camp.

So what do fit people (like Body Gods and Goddesses like myself and Kim below) do in their “healthy lifestyle”?

Here are the Seven Habits of Highly Fit People:

Behavior #1: They Do Not Eat Junk Food Like Puny Humans

Fit body types know that if they keep junk food around, they’ll eat it (just like you). Thus they don’t purchase any. Everyone in the house ends up playing by the rules.  If someone else wants crap (kids, spouse) they have to buy it and eat it elsewhere.  If you have a problem with this type of thinking, you don’t really have the stones to have a great body.

Behavior #2: They Prioritize Training Over All

They make sure to get their training in their day ahead of other things.  Training is #1 right below work and family obligations, and they do not allow others to interfere in their training schedule.  Everyone in their family understands this.  They don’t play “Martyr Mom” or “Dad chained to desk”.  They make sure the have the proper balance of exercise, work, family and recreation / relaxation.

Behavior #3: They Don’t Stuff Themselves

They have a planned amount to eat per sitting and either leave anything left over or take it for later.

Behavior #4: They Train Hard

Not only do fit people make time to train, they push themselves past the pain barrier consistently, because that’s when all the results are.  On the other side of the pain barrier.  Their workouts are always challenging and rewarding.

Behavior #5: They Don’t Pack Their Face In Front Of The TV

Of course they watch TV.  Everyone does.  They just don’t eat a bunch or chips or crap while doing so.  Plus they get some of that TV done while doing cardio, either at the gym or at home.

Behavior #6: They Drink A Lot Of Water

Fit people generally drink a lot of water.   Generally they drink water mostly, and other beverages much less than average people.  It’s a much easier adjustment than you would think.  Of course if they do drink soda, it’s always diet.  No need for sugar like that, ever.

Ray Romano has said publicly that the only beverage he drinks is water.  Now, he isn’t known as a fit body type, but he is healthy and very active for a comedian.  He’s a very dedicated golfer.

Behavior #7: They Have Support

Fit people have a fitness team.  Whether it’s a personal trainer, boot camp instructor or workout partner, they make sure to have people in their corner to help keep them motivated.

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