Reaching Your Goals One Step at a Time

Are you setting goals for yourself, only to be disappointed when you don’t see results?  How many times have you told yourself “This time, I’m going to do it,” and not get “it” done? You’re not alone. Just browse the Self-Help section of any bookstore to realize there are millions of people out there trying, unsuccessfully, to meet their own goals.

6 weeks fat loss

Laura down 11 lbs in 6 weeks

Goals assessment

Most “Self-Help” books, seminars and techniques seem to leave people wanting more and still not achieving their desired results. There are a lot of studies out there, but only one I really believe in. Psychologist and author Richard Wiseman developed a theory to help you achieve your goals, and it takes less than 60 seconds. I promise. Don’t believe me, check out his book “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute.”

The premise is simple: “Do This, Not That.” You’ve all seen the book “Eat This, Not That…” well, it’s the same idea. There are simple ways to achieve goals, and then there are great ideas that simply don’t work. If you can follow along and “Do This, Not That” your goal setting, and goal achieving will be rewarded.

Do This: create a step by step plan. You need a roadmap to success. Break down goals into achievable sub-goals – these should be realistic, measurable and have an end date.

Not That: telling yourself to do, or be, like someone else isn’t motivation enough to meet your goals. Your favorite celebrity just lost 40 pounds of post-pregnancy weight in two months? Great for her, not achievable for you.

Do This: tell your goal to other people. If it’s important to you, it’s important to them.  Let them support you in meeting your goals.

Not That: don’t focus on negative things. It becomes a reality.

Do This: focus on the positive aspects of your goal. How will you feel, what will you look like when you achieve it. It’s worth making the effort when you know what the end results will be.

Not That: don’t rely on willpower alone. Know that there are days when you won’t necessarily be capable of achieving everything. Don’t let it stop you from making progress tomorrow.

My Secret: Keep a journal of your progress. All of my trainers at Santa Monica Personal Training make sure our clients keep a food journal to track meals and weight.  We keep a journal to track their workouts and progress. It’s real, concrete evidence of their goals and gives every client the motivation to keep going.

Contact me today. Together we’ll set real, achievable goals for your health and fitness.

Best of all, you WILL see results.

Isabelle Fuhrman and trainer

Celebrity personal trainer Jason Kozma and Isabell Fuhrman from “Orphan” and “Orphan: First Kill”

At the Santa Monica Health and Fitness Fair

Thanks for coming down and seeing us at the health and fitness fair on the promenade (7/27/2013) yesterday! Myself, Deena and JD met a lot of people, gave out all of our stuff, shared health and fitness wisdom and made new friends.

It’ll be a busy week for us meeting all our new prospective clients!

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