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With the vast amount of fitness information out there how do you make sense of it all? Local Santa Monica fitness expert Mr. America Jason Kozma here to help you make sense of it all. Read this article and let some of this year’s fitness trends inspire you to begin your fitness adventure today!

Sport-specific training is on the rise. Every sport and activity places a unique set of demands on the body, involving energy production and specific muscle movements. A qualified personal trainer from Santa Monica Personal Training can help you train for sports performance success, regardless of your current condition!

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Youth training is also on the rise. Are you wondering if your teenager is a good candidate for personal training sessions? The answer is “yes!” Children of all ages benefit from athletic activity; they grow in strength, endurance, and self-confidence when they spend time working with qualified coaches and trainers. Teens can begin to become familiar with movements and facilities, and will grow up unintimidated by exercise and the gym environment. Click here

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Workout tools like TRX are on the rise. These tools can be intimidating to the uninformed, and rightly so — scheduling TRX workout sessions with a personal trainer who is qualified to use this equipment is the best way to get acquainted with any unfamiliar equipment or movements. These tools require certain levels of strength and the use of specific techniques, so it is important to be supervised correctly when using them. Some beginner clients lack the upper body strength to perform upper body TRX exercises but are capable of performing the lower body workouts. It’s important to start with a qualified personal trainer in a private environment to “learn the ropes” (pun intended)

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Ironically, body weight workouts are also on the rise. These workouts feature exercises like pushups, pullups, and squats, and are great for children, beginners, and anyone else looking for a simple yet challenging workout. With the right facilities, TRX straps can be used to provide an endless variety of exercises. One added bonus of body weight workouts is that they can be done almost anywhere.

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Jason Kozma keeps his fingers on the pulse of new fitness trends.  He has a variety of training sessions available — including nutritional counseling, private and semi training, and sports training in any sport. Also available is anti aging programs and of course, body transformation training. Jason’s techniques can be personalized to you and help you arrive at peak physical condition faster than you ever thought possible.

Contact Jason today to get started!

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