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Let’s face it, guys, no one likes to think about getting older. No one thinks aging happens to them. Everyone wants to look and feel young. But try as we might, we can’t hold back the hands of time. However, we can do a lot these days to help stave off the aging process. The anti-aging industry is huge and is only going to get bigger as the years pass. Short of scheduling a session with the plastic surgeon, what can you do to keep fit, look and feel great?

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Here’s my list of 6 anti-aging tips for any age:

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Eat Right – as you get older, it’s more important to pay attention to what you put into your body. Remember the days when you could drink a 6 pack and still have 6 pack abs? Those days are short-lived. Keeping alcohol intake to a moderate level is a great way to control your carb intake. Be sure you’re eating a balanced diet of lean proteins, leafy greens, fruits, vegetables and healthy carbs. Add a dose of healthy fats such as salmon, almonds or walnuts to help protect your heart.


Get Enough Sleep – I can’t stress this enough. You know what your optimal sleep pattern is. Some people need 6-7 hours, others thrive with 7-9 hours. Whatever your sleep pattern is, stick to it. Shortchanging your sleep even one night a week causes your body to produce more cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, weight gain and weakened immune systems. Lack of sleep causes most of us to reach for an extra dose of our favorite caffeinated beverages as well, which in turn causes insomnia. Lack of sleep is also visible to your friends and family – dark circles under the eyes, more wrinkles and blotchy skin tone. See where I’m going with this? Get your sleep, feel better and look younger.

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Work out – Duh… Take it from me, Jason Kozma, nothing looks or feels better than a great workout. Your body will thank you. As we age, it’s even more important to maintain muscle strength and cardiovascular health. The best way to do that is to work out with a certified personal trainer to monitor your fitness, make sure you’re exercising properly and not straining muscles, tendons or ligaments. Maintaining a fitness routine throughout your life is the key to health and well-being.

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Sunscreen – Nothing visibly ages you faster than wrinkles and sagging skin. As we age, our skin loses elasticity; sun exposure speeds up the aging process. There are a ton of great sunscreen products for men and women on the market today. However, you have to remember to apply it before going out and re-apply after exposure. If you enjoy outdoor activities like I do, remember to wear your hat and sunglasses.

Hydrate –Drink your water. 100 oz minimum per day for women, 150 for men.  Enough said.


Acupuncture – Dr. Laurie Binder is a gifted acupuncturist that I work with. Acupuncture , n addition to treating many maladies without drugs, also reduces stress. Everyone know that stress acceleartes inflammation and aging. Stress also creates cortisol,and cortisol promotes fat storage, muscle breakdown and other bad stuff you want to avoid. The info below is from her newsletter. I recommend that clients integrate acupuncture into their wellness routines. I encourage you to check out her Acupuncture website!

Supplements – there are a lot of “anti-aging” supplements on the market today. Some are very effective, others are nothing more than placebos. Before you start a supplementation routine, talk to your trainer or your doctor to determine your health and fitness goals and find out what would work best for you. Contact me today to create a customized anti-aging nutrition and workout plan for you.



* Answer: Robocop!


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