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Trainer Sherlyn, client Nathalie, master trainer Jason

At Santa Monica Personal Training, your goals are our goals! We love to help clients achieve weight loss and fitness gains, and our qualified staff of personal trainers are experts in their profession. When you are choosing a personal trainer, remember these words from Mr. America Jason Kozma: “You are looking for a partner who will inspire you, motivate you, energize you. But you also want someone who will be honest with you and will monitor your successes and failures at all times.”

At SMPT, we offer a staff with diverse athletic and fitness backgrounds, who have all been trained in Kozma’s High Performance Training Methodology.  Our trainers have successful track records and are available at various locations in the Los Angeles area. Click on the names below to read more about each staff member:

  • Tasha (West Hollywood, Beverly Hills)
  • David L. (San Gabriel Valley, Glendora)
  • Debby (Woodland Hills, Calabasas, North Hollywood)
  • Larry (Woodland Hills)
  • Matt (Hollywood)
  • Deena (Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Westside)
  • Sherlyn (Gold’s Gym Venice, Westside)
  • Kim (Santa Monica, Westside)
  • Kevin (West Hollywood)
  • David D. (Simi Valley, Hollywood)

Mr. America Jason Kozma serves as Team Leader for the entire staff at Santa Monica Personal Training, supervising a team dedicated to achieving client results. Larry and David D. serve as Team Captains, due to their history of success and commitment as health and fitness professionals.

Whatever your goals and personality, SMPT can match you with the right personal trainer to educate and encourage you! We offer many training packages and locations, and our client testimonials offer proof of the experience you will have with our team. Contact us to schedule a trial session with one of our team trainers!

Manhattan Beach Personal Trainer | South Bay Personal Training

manhattan beach personal trainer

Deena, Manhattan Beach personal trainer


I love this woman! Not only is she helping me get in shape, but she’s fun to talk to while she’s kicking my butt! She works around your schedule and comes to wherever you are. Every workout is different, fun and challenging.  Although, I only get to workout with her once a week right now i’m still seeing results. it’s definitely worth it!!!

Darcy S. Los  Angeles, CA

Committed, supportive and fun in all of your training needs. When I started training with Deena 3 years ago, I was 25 lbs. heavier than I am today. She was great with helping me come up with a diet plan that is reasonable and works. She was actually successful in convincing me that potato chips ARE NOT part of the 4 basic food groups and that I should seek a divorce from this habit.
Food management, together with a wide variety of weight training exercises she has in her repertoire, has proven to be a most rewarding experience. Things are not quite “perfect” …but almost! I’m so glad I found her! If you want a super great trainer, then call Deena. I highly recommended it.

Chetana W. Los  Angeles, CA

I have to say I was beyond thrilled to have Deena train me. I was preparing for my upcoming wedding and needed someone to motivate me to not only lose weight but gain back my self confidence to be in front of all my friends and family and being photographed. She created and executed a plan that worked specifically for me. Every training session she changed it up so that is was exciting and new. We did everything from cardio, strength training, boxing and targeting all areas. She was such a motivator that I trained with her the day before my wedding. Besides her time training you she was very accessible to reach to ask questions about workout tips, training and nutrition.

Alissa-Nicole V. Los  Angeles, CA

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Your Personal Trainer in Santa Monica, Jason K

Hear What Out Clients Have To Say!



If you're serious about getting fit, Jason is the only way to go. He helped me get in the best shape of my life a few years ago with his proven exercise and diet plan. Now I'm training with him through me pregnancy to keep healthy and he is adjusting my workout for every step of the way.



Entering the Jason Kozma workout program, I thought I had a vast knowledge of weight training and nutrition. Through Jason, I discovered a whole new world of exercise and diet that I never knew existed. I learned correct form in lifting, proper diet and which supplements were appropriate for me.

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