Congratulations Dexter Jackson: 2012 Masters Mr. Olympia!

Dexter Jackson 2012 Masters Mr. OlympiaDexter Jackson: 2012 Masters Mr. Olympia

The long-awaited return of the Masters Mr. Olympia contest happened on December 8, 2012. It was very competitive and exciting, with several active IFBB pros going for the Masters Mr. Olympia title. The front runner, and former Mr. Olympia winner Dexter Jackson was the apparent front runner and from the looks of him at Gold’s Gym Venice in the weeks prior he was indeed the man to beat.
1- Dexter Jackson
2- Toney Freeman
3- Dennis James
4- Ed Nunn

The placings were no surprise, this is what we were guessing assuming these 4 came in shape.
Congrats Dex!

2011 Mr. Olympia Results


Dexter Jackson and Hidetada Yamagishi trained at Gold’s Venice for the Olympia this year.


2011 under 202 Mr. Olympia Results

1- Kevin English

2- James Flex Lewis

3- Jose Raymond

4- Jaroslav Horvath

5- Shaun-Joseph Tavernier

6- Jason Arntz

7 -Stan McQuay

Stan McQuay

Stan McQuay trained at Gold’s Venice for the 2011 under 202 lbs Mr. Olympia.

Want less fat and more shape? Train with a bodybuilder (3 myths that can hurt your progress)

Why Train With A Bodybuilder?

muscle beach bodybuilding 2007 memorial day

your coach Jason

Why would it be a great idea to train with a bodybuilder?  Well, bodybuilding is the use of weight training to shape the muscles of the body.  This is what these people DO!  There are plenty of trainers out there who are endurance athletes or strength athletes.  Maybe their specialty is Yoga.  

While other trainers may be well versed in the science of exercise training and have the book smarts,  a bodybuilder’s specialty and experience is specifically reshaping your body.  You may hear some myths from other trainers about gaining muscle that just simply are not true. Want less fat and more shape? Train with a bodybuilder!  It makes perfect sense.  Here are some of those lies we talked about earlier.

Myth#1 – Train More Frequently to Develop More Muscle

Now to someone who may be inexperienced there may seem to be a lot of logic in this statement.  The more often that a skill is practiced generally the better you get at that skill.  So we have a tendency to believe that if a little bit of work will build a good amount of muscle, a TON of work would build even more right?  Incorrect!  Any competent bodybuilder will tell you that your body will only grow stronger and more fit if you properly stimulate muscle growth, then follow it up with sufficient rest and recovery nutrition and supplements to let your body heal.  Train too often and you may end up under recovering and not stimulating ANY muscle growth!

Myth#2 – A Bodybuilding/ Muscle Building Diet Should Be LOW Fat all the time.

A totally low fat diet can completely prohibit the growth of muscle.  Even if your getting in enough calories and protein for the day.  A good bodybuilding trainer will tell you to not fear all fat.  if 30% of your calories come from good healthy fat sources such as nuts, avocados, coconut oil etc.. you will be supplying essential nutrients to your body that will help the whole system work better and actually burn MORE belly fat.

Myth#3 – The same routines that world class athletes use will work exactly the same for you.

Once you experience having a bodybuilder as a trainer, you will learn that you can’t just copy some program you see Arnold Schwarzenegger doing on the internet and expect great results.  These guys have different genetic advantages than you do.  What you need here is someone who HAS experience packing on tons of muscle that can look at YOUR physique, and be able to plan exactly what you need to be working on.

So don’t get lost trying to figure out what to do on your own.  If your goal is to get in SHAPE, and lose the fat.  Find someone (me) who has been there and knows what they are doing.  You will be glad you did.

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