Creating a Training Routine

You’ve heard me say how important it is to break out of your routine in order to see better results. However, it’s just as important to create a great training routine as a foundation for your body and health. Let’s start with the basic routine. These are the 4 cornerstones to a great base from which to build a training routine.

4 Key Elements To Your Training Routine

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1. Nutrition: It’s not enough to eat the right kinds of food; lean protein, fruit, leafy green vegetables, whole grains and good carbs. It’s about eating the right combinations and having small meals throughout the day.

When new clients start working with me and my team, they’re often surprised at having to eat 5 smaller meals throughout the day. Many of them complain, at first.

Once they get into the habit of eating smaller meals more frequently, most of them are much more satisfied and see results quickly. Why? Smaller meals allow your body to increase metabolism throughout the day, burning more fat than with fewer, larger meals. You know how you feel sluggish after a heavy dinner? Well, your body can’t work fast enough to digest the food properly and you wind up feeling tired and lethargic.

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2. Workouts: The key to creating a solid workout routine is making the time to work out. People who see the most success, and longer lasting results, in achieving their weight loss goals are the ones who stick to a weekly workout plan with a personal trainer, or in small group classes. They know they have an “appointment” to work out and are far more likely to actually get to the gym on time and prepared for a workout.

It’s hard to come up with an excuse not to get to the gym or class when it’s already added to your daily calendar. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself and see what happens. When you create time to work out you’re far more likely to actually workout than if you tell yourself “I should go to the gym after work.” You can find plenty of excuses not to work out, if you give yourself the opportunity.

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3. Cardio: Find the time to get your cardio in every day. Telling yourself “I’ll do it later” is an easy way to avoid it altogether. If you set your alarm 30 minutes earlier, wake up and take a walk, go for a run, a bike ride or a swim. It’s that simple.

4. Supplements:  Multi-vitamins are good place to start. Make sure you’re getting enough calcium and minerals as well. Some of you may need glucosamine to help rebuild cartilage and ease joint pain. For those of you building muscle mass, there may be different requirements.

Check out my online store for great deals on the highest quality supplements available. When you create and consistently execute a well designed training routine, you create the foundation for great health. Establishing these fundamental basics allows you to reach your goals for optimal fitness.

Contact me today to find out more and create a training routine that works for you.


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